This story is a work of fantasy fiction, but the 2 E chastity harness and "Lori's Locking Jewelry" are real. I envisioned myself as the husband in the story, so as to give an accurate description of the chastity harness. Be careful what you wish for... It COULD happen to you!

"Goodbye, Hon. I took my shower, and dressed to visit the doctor's office, for my annual medical physical. See you when I get back."

"Okay. See you a little later "

"Good morning." I'm here to see the doctor. It's that time of year again."

"Thanks for checking in. Please have a seat, until the doctor is ready for you."

"Hello. I'm Dr. Janet Vaughn. There has been a last minute schedule change. Your regular doctor is not available. I will be giving you your physical instead."

The tech will take you to a changing room. You are to remove ALL of your clothing. Please put your belongings in the locker provided for you, after you are completely nude.A gown is waiting for you on a hanger, to use as a cover up. You are to put it on. 

A nurse will come to the dressing room area, to escort you to the examination room, where my nursing staff and I will be waiting for you."

Dr. Vaughn: "Ah, I see you are ready. Shall we proceed? These are my staff, Nurse Cindy, Nurse Julie, and Nurse Monique. They will be helping you be seated in the gynecology chair, and prepare you for your examination."

Nurse Cindy, Nurse Julie, and Nurse Monique in unison: "Hi! We will be trying to make your appointment today, as pleasant as possible, while you're here! Physical exams should be exciting and fun, not boring!"

"The obstetrics chair? I don't understand. I've never been asked to do this, before..."

Dr. Vaughn: "You will soon learn the reason this unique procedure is essential. Normally, men are not examined using this type of chair, but your exam today, is a special one, and was requested by your wife. She will be here with us shortly. Everything will be explained to you then. In the meantime, we will be prepping you. 

Nurse Monique will help you remove your gown. There's no need to feel embarrassed. Your"examination" requires that you be totally naked. The nurses and I have seen nude men many times in our profession. And, I hope you won't mind. For safety reasons, the nurses will strap your arms, legs, and torso, to the chair. Due to the fact that you are totally exposed, we don't want to risk your genitals being injured by accidentally falling out of the chair during the exam, now, do we?"

"Is this for real? I can't believe this is happening!"

Nurse Monique: "Hi, sweetie! Let me help you out of your gown. Nurses Julie and Cindy will assist you into the chair and buckle the safety straps on you."

"Uh, a, I can handle it OK."

Nurse Monique: " Why are you fidgeting? Are you "hiding" something? It looks like you DO need me to help you out of your gown! Here we go..!! PEEK-A-BOO!!! TA-DA!! OH, my! Awesome!! What a terrific display you are putting on for us!! Poor baby!! You were hesitating to have the gown removed, weren't you? Trying to hide your little secret!! Aw-w-w. I bet you were hoping that you could get yourself under control before you had to disrobe, exposing your unexpected problem, didn't you?"

Nurse Julie: WOW!! LOOK! The secret is out!! His cock is fully erect!! His balls are swollen, containing a huge "cum load" and turning blue!! And we haven't even started his "examination" yet! He is really responsive to us. He's getting "turned on" and all excited!"

Nurse Cindy: "Let's get him in the gyno chair as quickly as possible!! There! He's totallysecured to the chair. Good boi!! The straps are all buckled and locked. WE have him restrained! He's helpless!! There's no way he can escape from us now! He's ours!! Giggle!! Awesome!! I never knew a male could be so easily aroused!! Just look at his straining cock, and his engorged blue balls!! I can see we are going to have a lot of teasing fun with him while he is here."

Nurse Monique: But what is THAT, he's wearing under the robe I just removed?! It looks like a jock strap, with a super stretched net fabric cock & ball pouch. It is so stretched, that it looks almost invisible!!! There is a waist band that has hook-and-eye closure in the back, for proper fit. The pouch has two snaps that attach it to the waist band in front. Directly behind his balls, is a snap that holds the center of the rear jock strap bands to the ball sac portion of the pouch. His cock has severely stretched the cock pouch sleeve, which appears to have a small cup on the sleeve end." Is the cup to collect precum as his excitement causes him to drool and drip?

Dr Vaughn: "While we wait for his wife to appear, and he is safely secured to the chair, I will explain the little secret that you girls have just "uncovered!! When our male patient was escorted to a changing room to strip, he was instructed to put on a robe he would find on a hanger, waiting for him. Also attached to the hanger, hidden inside the robe, was a "skimpy" large hole, net weave, cock and balls pouch jock strap, to wear. The male patient had a choice. He could cover his genitals with the jockstrap to hide them from direct view when removing the robe, ( So he thought. ) or leave his "package" naked, for full exposure. Our male patient chose to wear the jockstrap. The pouch starts out to comfortably fit his flaccid cock, and normal ball sac size, giving him some minimal cover up. Some cover up is better than none, right?? His one mistake, was sliding the jockstrap pouch cock sleeve onto his shaft, thinking that the cup would at least hide the cock head part of his shaft. Anxious to get whatever coverage he could for his cock and balls, he pushed his cock head snugly into the cup. His cock head squeezed a sponge inside the cup. A gel oozed out of the sponge, covering his cock head's frenum, and all the way to his cock head's crown!! At first it felt soothing. Nothing happened. But by the time he had put on the robe, the gel started to force his cock to get hard, causing his balls to swell!! His cock pushed harder and harder into the sponge, forcing more medication to bathe his cock head. He became frantic!! He could not get his cock to go flaccid again!! As long as our male patient continues to wear the jockstrap, he will be kept hard, with his balls fully cum loaded, and perpetually hanging on the edge of an orgasm! The gel contains an orgasm inhibitor, preventing him from ejaculating!! The jockstrap is also introducing him to the what he is about to learn as "tease and denial!!" I love how a special device such as the net weave cock and ball pouch jock strap, has multiple beneficial uses built into it! It makes the device that much more versatile, "pleasant" to use, and very effective to train our male patients with. SMILE!!

He was escorted to us in this condition! The minute I saw him, I knew "something" was up!! There was an obvious "bulge" covered over, in the front of his robe! The jockstrap trick was used to determine whether our male patient trainee has an alpha, or beta personality!

The fact that he chose to wear the jockstrap, indicates he is a beta male!! An alpha male would choose rather to display his "package" for all to see! Hard, with his balls carrying a maximum cum load, without being manipulated!! A beta male, usually shy, prefers to hide his stiff cock from exposure. He often needs to be teased and played with, for him to totally display himself!! So girls, it looks like we will be training a beta male!! Beta males are a lot more fun to control!! They are so much more responsive to being teased!! They simply can't control themselves!!

We now have a beginning reference point for his cock and balls size, when his cock is hard, and his balls are carrying a full "cum load' in them!! We will use this information to see how much his "package" size increases with his sexercise tease and denial training over the next two weeks! It is amazing how much longer, larger in diameter, and stiffer his cock will become in that time interval! His ball sac will be so permanently stretched, that he will easily take on a super large cum load!! All this with only two weeks of tease and denial sexercise training!!! I love seeing the tremendous changes that occur in our male patients with our training program!! Awesome!!!! The wives love the "improvements" in their husbands' "package size." So much more to tease and deny at home!! The husbands react so much more intensely to teasing, with their new sized "package!!" 

Ah! His wife has finally arrived. She will explain to him, the purpose of his "examination." Now we can officially get started. We want to make his medical appointment initiation as "pleasurable and erotic" as possible for him."  

"Honey, what is happening to me? Why is all this required for my physical? Why do I have to be strapped to this gyno chair? What does the doctor mean by "pleasurable and erotic?" What is tease and denial training?I'm so embarrassed ! I can't control myself! My cock wants to get hard, and my balls are filling with cum!! I can't control them!! I'm wearing a super stretched net pouch jock strap, which won't let me become flaccid again!! I'm told I'm medicated to stay this way. The doctor said you requested this procedure. Please have them unlock the straps, take this jockstrap off of my cock and balls, to release me!"

"WOW! You are full of questions, in addition to your "pretty," swollen blue balls display!! And I see your cock has joined the "parade" by becoming erect!! I love seeing what that jockstrap does to your cock and balls!!! It proves what you are capable of producing, when you are "encouraged" to do so!! GiggleI I hope that you will be required to wear it a lot during your stay here! I would like one of those jock straps for home use, for you to wear for me!! What an awesome sight!!

Yes, I did request this "examination!. Honey, I want you to know, that I love you very much! All this is for your own good. I wasn't sure you would agree to what I have planned for you, so I had to make it a surprise. ( "And, what a "surprise" it's going to be!! I've had a few already myself!!" she thought. ) But, now it's time to let you know why you are here. You won't understand the purpose for all this at the moment, but, someday, you will thank me for what you are about to be put through. Oh, Honey, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see how well you adapt to your new lifestyle!"

"Honey, I'm not liking this. Please, can't we just leave, and go home?"

"I'm sorry, baby! This appointment is so-o necessary for both of us! You"ll understand as it progresses. Your straps will not be coming off! Nor will the cock and balls net pouch jockstrap be removed for the time being!! It will remain until the proper time to allow you "normal" erection cycles!! Besides. You are already being "prepped" for your "transformation!! There's no turning back now, sweetie!! Smile!!

Okay, Doctor Vaughn. Since you have my husband secured in the chair, and he cannot physically object, I think this is as good a time as any, to fit him with the dildo gag you asked me to buy. I'm anxious to see how he is going to handle wearing it!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Awesome!! I see you bought the gag I recommended. It's a new unique design! I love using this special device on males in training!! The training is so much more intense, and fun for us, when using it. A woman designed this dildo gag especially to be used with male patients during their tease and denial sexercises. The design was a stroke of genius!! In the past, it was difficult to arrive at the desired intensified results with some of our male patients. But now, the dildo gag gives us absolute control over them!! It can be adapted to any situation that may occur, to control a male patient's responses!! It ensures that all males will be 100% successfully trained. I can't over emphasize this fact!!

The gag is made to comfortably fit in the male patients' mouths, and can be worn for long periods of time, with no unpleasant side effects! That's the beauty of its design!! It does a good job of muting speech, too! He can try to yell and scream, but will only be able to make muzzled guttural sounds! Poor boi! The thought of it, is going to make him extremely excited, until the elixir we use, calms him down!!

It's amusing to watch a male patient's reactions to the dildo gag until he is under the influence of the elixer!! He will vigorously squirm, writhe, yank at his restraints, and emit all kinds of guttural sounds in protest!! We encourage the squirming, writhing, restraints yanking. It's good exercise for the patient!! It keeps him active, a way for him to work off some of his frustration. It will help tone his muscles, especially his cock and balls!!! Grin!!

What an amazing device this is to use for controlling the male's throat swallowing muscles! SO uniquely simple, but marvelously effective!! The dildo is long enough, and shaped to manipulate the male's mouth, so he is forced to squeeze the dildo cock head, sucking on it, once it is properly inserted. The trigger mechanism is fluid, released into the gag dildo port, from an enema bag! The gag has a tubular channel running through the center of the dildo. The tubular channel narrows to a slit at the dildo's end, emulating a cock urethra, being normally closed, but opens when squeezed,and sucked upon. The action is similar to a baby squeezing and sucking the nipple on a bottle of milk. The difference being, the baby squeezes and sucks when it wants to, but in this case, these is no choice. He is forced to squeeze and suck whether he wants to or not, at whatever controlled rate the fluid is set to enter the dildo, forcing him to first swallow!! Smile!!

Oh wow! Awesome!!! I find it mind boggling!! I've seen in in action. Its control is unbelievable!! As your husband will very soon find out, once the gag is correctly installed, with the fluid released to flow into the dildo, triggering its function!! He is going to find he can't resist its control, both physically and mentally!! Grin!!

The main tube fills with fluid. As it does so, a number of smaller channels are fed from the main tube, leaking fluid out in small atomized spraying streams, all around the side of the dildo. This is caused by the enema bag fluid pressure, similar to a lawn sprinkler system. The spraying fluid will lubricate the walls of your husband's mouth, as  it slowly accumulates in his throat, building up enough, that he will eventually be forced to swallow. At the same time, his throat muscles cause him to squeeze and suck, drawing fluid through the dildo's urethra slit. He has no way to prevent this action, once fluid enters the dildo, sprays out the side, and triggers his throat muscles!! It's going to be interesting to watch him, to see how well he handles the process! SMILE!!

The fluid flow rate from the enema bag can be adjusted. The fluid spraying out the side of the dildo can be regulated this way, changing the control rate of his swallowing, thus controlling the rate he squeezes and sucks fluid from the dildo urethra opening. The fluid spraying out in many places, will keep his mouth evenly moist, throughout the sessions.We want your husband's mouth kept wet to avoid a dry, sore throat, during his procedure, so we will be continually feeding him liquid through the gag. This will allow him to mainly concentrate on the effects of his tease and denial sexercises of his cock and balls, not an irritated throat!! He will however, not be able to escape the thought that he is helpless, and at the mercy of being controlled by the dildo gag. There is no other choice for him. He must swallow, and in doing so, he is forced to squeeze and suck the dildo!! Grin!! ( He will be fitted with an internal urethra catheter tube into his bladder, so he can release the urine build up of fluid in his bladder from the swallowing, at a controlled rate. The catheter tube will be connected to a urine collection bag under the gyno chair)

And, the fluid we're using, has a special potion mixed in it, ( Any desired type of medication can be mixed in the fluid, to control his responses to the sexercise training program! )  that takes effect almost immediately, to help him be attentive and responsive to our requirements. We have developed a system that is very effective in controlling our male patients, as we help them adjust to the process. It enables them accept their situation, and not try to escape it. And now, Nurse Cindy, will you please take the dildo gag from his wife, and fit it properly into his mouth?"

"This is 
NOT going to happen!! You can't do this to me!! I want to leave, right now!!"

Nurse Cindy: OH, I don't see how that is even an option at this point. You are secured to the gyno chair, with no possible way of escape. Your wife has given us the approval to do this. It's best you be a 
good boi
, and obey her wishes! Open up!"

"No way!! I'm not about to!! I heard what your dildo gag will force me to do!! I can't handle the thought of its intended purpose! You're not going to put that thing in me!! I'll keep my mouth tightly shut!!"

Nurse Cindy: "We'll see about that!! Just watch me!! You're fighting a losing battle!!" 

"Honey, behave yourself! Let the nurse insert the gag. It's essential for your training!! Stop behaving like a spoiled brat!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Ah, yes. I see he doesn't want to cooperate. Nurse Julie, pinch his nose, please. That should change his mind. Then he will have no choice, but to let Nurse Cindy insert the dildo gag."

Nurse Julie: "I have his nostrils closed. That should do the trick. Try it now, Nurse Cindy."

The husband, forced to breathe through his mouth: "UNNGGH!!" GAG!! Please! OH, please! I beg of you!! Don't do this to me!! I'll go crazy!! I can't take the thought of all this!!"

Nurse Cindy: "Sure you can!! You're only to have to endure it until the elixer takes effect!! Then you feel better!! OK, now. Hold still!! There! In it goes! Got it! I'll have him all buckled and locked, in just a moment more! Now, I don't know what all of the complaining was about!! That really wasn't so bad, was it?! All that fuss for nothing! Giggle!! Oh, my! This gag is a really fancy one, and should be very effective in keeping you quiet! This will let us proceed without your vocal disruptions!! Giggle!! Thanks for your help, Nurse Julie. We have him ready for you, Dr. Vaughn."


Dr Vaughn: "There! There! You poor thing! All of that noise is not necessary. You'll begin to feel better soon. Nurse Monique, please attach the enema bag's tube to the dildo gag's open port hole, then start the potion flowing."

Nurse Monique: "Yes, Dr. Vaughn. That part was easy! I have it securely attached, and the fluid is dripping slowly into the gag. Soon, the potion will have him under control, as he is already being forced to squeeze and suck on the gag's dildo. What an amazing device this gag is!! He has no choice but to drink the fluid!! Giggle! It shouldn't be long now. He won't want to fight it anymore."

"MMMMMruummph!! GGGGlugaaggh!! Grunt!! Gag!!"

"Honey, look in the mirror above you, and see what a sight you are!! Strapped to the chair, unable to move. And, WOW!! Totally naked! The skimpy jockstrap cock and ball net weave pouch is keeping your
 balls swollen, and your cock erect! Your cock and balls are going to stay that way, hanging on the brink of an orgasm, until it's necessary to remove the jockstrap!! You're all excited, and making a scene for the doctor and nurses. What must they think of you, carrying on like this?!! You need to calm down, so I can explain to you the reason for this appointment. Please. Stop trying to get loose, try to control yourself, and listen! Drink the fluid!! Swallow, squeeze and suck!! It will help you!! Soon, the potion will take full effect. You will feel more relaxed. Make me proud of you, that you can take it like a man...!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "He's fine. Don't scold him. His reactions are normal. 
It's just that he suddenly realizes he is totally helpless, and has no control over his situation. His forced rock hard cock, and engorged cum filled blue balls tell us this!! We love to observe a male patient's first reactions to when they discover their cock is rock hard and their balls are swollen, holding a huge cum load aboard, betraying him, because he has no way to hide their response from our view!! In this case, our male patient is still wearing the skimpy jockstrap he put on in the undressing room, that presently has him medically controlled, with a rock hard cock, and swollen cum filled balls, holding him at the brink of an orgasm, but not allowed a release!! Each male patient reacts differently. That's what makes our profession so interesting!! He feels SO excited, exposed, and vulnerable!! SMILE!! What an awesome sensation this predick-a-ment must play on his mind! His adrenaline is working overtime!! I'm sure, being muzzled and controlled with this unique female designed dildo mouth gag, is adding to his feelings of helplessness. The gag is going to be an awesome way to help keep our male patient under control!! And, he can no longer verbally protest! What a dilemma he is faced with!! He is finding he HAS to yield to its function, swallowing, squeezing, and sucking!!! And possibly, the potion's response formula is having a side effect that is affecting him as well.

We can deal with his swollen, blue balls, and stiff, bulging, erection, later on, when it's essential! For now, the cock and balls net pouch jock strap can remain to keep him edged,  adding to his excitement!!! Poor boi!! After all, it was HIS decision to wear the jockstrap in the first place!! How unfortunate for him, that he didn't know about the jockstrap's cup gel!! Now he knows, but there's nothing he can do about it!! SMILE!!!

Cum to think of it, his reaction really isn't such a bad thing. Letting him respond this way for the time being, is probably best for him. His 
scheduled training may not allow him this "freedom" for sometime to "cum," if at all. And WE, are here to learn what's best for the patient
, aren't WE? WE are being trained as well, how to proceed, not only now, but with all future male patients.

More and more males are being chastity harnessed for their wives. And from a medical standpoint, males SHOULD be given a chance to have a controlled erection, and "cum fill" their balls, before their training regimen starts. The jockstrap is doing a wonderful job of this for him!! That doesn't mean he will get to cum, though! The gel will make sure that can't happen!!! There's something so awesomely erotic about the sight of a restrained, helpless naked male, lying bound , with a rock hard cock, standing at attention, with a matched pair of engorged fully cum loaded beautifulblue balls, on paradeEspecially when he knows he can't control, and hide them!!SMILE!! All females who are present to observe the responses he gives to his exposed, helpless condition during his sexercise training, will feel a superior sense of sexual control over him!! Allowing him this one last time "freedom," will be his first opportunity tobecome familiar with the tease and denial part of his cumming training. There will be absolutely no release of his cum load allowed!! It remains in his prostate and balls!! We must do our part to help the wives in transitioning their husbands into the cumming new male lifestyle, the most effective way we can!"
Honey, Now that you are helplessly restrained, with your awesome dildo gag, preventing you from talking back to me, your cock and balls kept hard and swollen by the unique jock strap, I am going to explain to you about our new relationship. Dr. Vaughn is my doctor. A few months ago, I had my yearly exam. She asked me if I was happily married, and do we have sex very often. I told her, when we were first married, you wanted to all the time. But now, you don't seem to have the interest you once had. She said that is a shame, that all males should want to please their wives, for a lifetime.

She confided in me that there is a method to correct my problem. Dr. Vaughn said she'd show me how I could train you, so that you would no longer be able to ignore my desires. Soon, not only will your total focus be on me and my desires, but you won't be able to escape the mental control I will have over you. Once the initial procedure is complete, it won't involve a lot of effort on my part. After about a week, your own body is capable of putting you into a mental state, where it will "magically" transform you to want to please me. It has to do with the male sex cycle, and how to keep you in the part of the cycle where you are always horny and available, never losing the desire for sex, and wanting to pleasure me. It will take some effort on my part in the beginning for your training, but then the procedure itself, will pretty much take care of the majority of your new lifestyle education. I really want this for us! And, after you have completed your training, you will want it, too! Trust me! Then she gave me some reading material on the internet, to explain all this to me.

I soon made contact with someone who would make the necessary device I'd need for you, to accomplish your transformation. ( I'm amazed that with this small device, I can totally control you! ) Her name is Ms. Lori. She manufactures what is known as male chastity devices. She calls them "locking jewelry." This male harness, as I like to think of it, is designed to custom fit the male genitals. Once installed, it's wearer cannot remove it, as the wife has the only key. She is his sole source of release. She becomes his key holder. It's up to her, how her husband is trained. After wearing the chastity harness, with no orgasm releases for about a week, you will find yourself becoming horny and frustrated. At that time, you will not be able to escape the mental and physical effect your chastity harness has on you, and then, your total focus will turn to me for help. That's the "magic" caused by the chastity harness. Then, I will have total control of you. You'll belong to me only!! Oh, how I love the thought!!

The first thing I had to do, was somehow obtain an accurate set of your genital measurements, for Ms. Lori. I made sure that you would not be aware of what I was planning, so I fixed your evening coffee, with a special potion that Dr. Vaughn supplied. The potion made you sleep soundly, so I could take the necessary measurements of your cock and ball sac accurately, uninterrupted. As I was collecting the information, I became excited about what our future life would be like. I thought about how I would be able to tease your cock and balls, and deny you an orgasm. You would be restrained to our bed, and would not be able to stop me!!Giggle! I felt "hot," and my pussy became very wet. I was glad you were asleep, and couldn't hear my uncontrollable screamas I was overwhelmed with an orgasm!! Beautiful!! What an awesome feeling!!! 

The next day, I sent your measurements to Ms. Lori, to prepare your special chastity harness. I received the finished product, just in time for your appointment. Your chastity harness is known as a Lori 2 E. 

Dr Vaughn, and her staff are familiar with how to fit the Lori 2 E device to your genitals. They have done this many times. I am supposed to observe how it's done, so I can remove, and install it myself, in the future. Otherwise, you would have to see Dr. Vaughn anytime I wanted to remove, or replace it. I didn't think that would appeal to you. Once I learn the procedure techniques, if you ever expect to have it removed, it is recommended that you be restrained, spread eagle fashion, to our bed. Thechastity harness should be replaced, before you are allowed release.from your restraints. You should never be unrestrained without your chastity harness in place!

Do you understand what I have said?"

"MMMMMruummph!! Gag!! Grunt!!..."

"Oh, you poor thing!! I know there's so much to learn all at once. You are one of the first lucky male patients to have to wear the new style dildo gag for your training! It will take a little effort on your part to get use to wearing it, but I'm sure you will master its function!! It's a simple process. The three S's. Swallow, squeeze, and suck; swallow, squeeze and suck!! Learning to use the gag properly during your sexercise training, will help you transition into your new life style. You're going to have a whole lifetime to adapt to your new way of life. And I will be there to help you, in the beginning of your "cumming" training.

Please be a good boi for me, while Dr. Vaughn and her nurses proceed to fit you with your new chastity harness. They are trying to give you the best care they know how to provide. First, she is going to describe the Lori 2 E chastity device in detail, for all of us, to become familiar with it. Then, with the help of her nursing staff, she will be fitting your chastity harness to you.

It really wouldn't hurt you to pay attention to what she says. After all, the harness is going to be a permanent part of your body. You should learn all you can, so you will be able to take good care of it. The potion that your dildo gag is feeding you, should help you be attentive, for learning. I hope that you are as excited about this, as I am!! I so much want this for us!!"

"Ummmph, GGLUG!! grunt...!!

"Okay Dr. Vaughn. I think he's ready. The potion must be helping him to be obedient, already!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Terrific! Lori was good enough to give me everything I need concerning the chastity harness. She is a very cooperative person in this type of procedure. She strongly believes in what my nursing staff and I are trying to accomplish. That is, to make as many wives happy as possible, by putting their husbands in a secure steel chastity harness, and helping them to adjust to their new lifestyle.

So, everyone please gather around the patient's genital area, and let's get started, shall we? Before we go any further, the chair leg stirrups need to be spread as far as possible, and his legs should be folded back in turkey drumstick fashion, for access to the patient's genitals. His cock and balls need to be totally exposed to us, and close enough so we can easily work with them to fit his chastity harness to him." The cock and ball net pouch jock strap can stay put while the discussion takes place.

Nurse Julie: "I'll take care of that, right now. OK. I have them moved, as requested. There! That should do it. His cock and balls are fully exposed, and easy for us to have access to!"

Nurse Monique: "Oh wow!! Look how hard, and swollen his cock is. The net weave, cock and ball pouch jock strap, that has him hovering at the edge of an orgasm, has him securely locked in a really stiff mode! His veins are really popping out! His cock must be aching terribly. And, to think we are going to confine his cock in a chastity cage."

Nurse Cindy: "And, his balls are huge It's "hard" to visualize that a cock ring is going to fit behind his balls!!

Nurse Julie: "And blue! I never realized that a male's genitals could swell so much!!!"

"I agree. I have never seen my husband's genitals so large before!!! Poor baby!! He must beextremely, excited !! I wonder if it's because he finds himself on display to an all female audience, with no way to hide his cock and balls from us. WE are standing around him, fully clothed, watching him, while he is helplessly restrained, totally naked, with no way to cover himself. He can't help it. WE are witnessing his cock and balls, showing us his true feelings about his vulnerability!! What an awesome "predick-a-ment." I'd be excited too, if I were in his place!!

Dr. Vaughn: "We have to remember that the weave net, cock and ball net pouch jock strap is responsible for most of his condition, especially the gel cup that his cock head is immersed in!! But I see what you mean. Certainly, our presence here with him is affecting him as well, and I think it also has to do with the fact that he has heard us discussing his "cumming" chastity harness fitting procedure, that is also contributing to his cock being so erect, and, his balls so swollen, and blue! The dildo gag is playing a part in his displaying his cock and balls like he is doing, too!! He's beginning to realize that he cannot escape what's "cumming!" I hope we can get through this procedure without any unexpected problems. He must be really uncomfortable. We don't want him to suffer any longer than he has to, like this. His memories should be as pleasant of his ordeal as possible. He should be allowed to erotically "enjoy" his cumming training!! After all, this is not supposed to be punishment, but a new, healthy lifestyle for him. He doesn't understand what he is going through right now, but he won't mind, once his training is complete. We better get his chastity harness discussion out of the way, so we can help him get on with his fitting!!"

Nurse Monique: "Dr. Vaughn, you thought earlier, our male patient should have exposure to his actual tease and denial sexercise trainingSince he is so excited, flaunting his bulging erect cock, and extremely swollen, cum loaded, blue balls, isn't he inviting us to practice a quick session ofpersonal tease and denial with him, right now? What a shame to waste this opportunity to introduce him to his cumming sexercise training, giving us a chance to observe his reactions, especially since his cock and balls are already primed for it, don't you think?"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, what a fabulous idea!! Awesome! His wife can watch some "on the spot" training. It will increase our knowledge of male responses to the training process, while he performs for us as he is being teased! If his wife agrees, we can take the time. It will show us how rigid his cock can get, and how full a cum load his balls can handle! We will have to be careful not to let him cum, though!"

"Oh yes! Please proceed to "tease him!!" I will love seeing his helpless responses. This will give me get ideas for his home tease and denial sexercises!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "One of my favorite tease and denial procedures, is known as post orgasm tease/torture. It is frequently used for male punishment, where the male is teased and denied several times, then forced to orgasm. The orgasm is immediately followed with continued teasing of his cock head's frenum, and playing with his balls, with no stopping! All one has to do, is simply palm his cock head, rubbing his frenum with a cupping motion, while at the same time tickle, gently scratch, squeeze, and fondle his swollen blue balls with your other hand!! Normally, he would enjoy the sensation as pre orgasm. However, he is now in an oversensitive mode, where he can't stand to have his cock and balls touched. He will violently squirm and writhe, trying to avoid the teasing! If he is securely restrained, he will feel ultra helpless, unable to escape the torment! It will drive him crazy!! As you continue, you impress upon him that you will not stop until he is totally fatigued! He might even faint. He's lucky we can't use this procedure in our present situation. It would be an education for all of us!! The first time a male is subjected to this procedure, being firmly bound, not aware it's "cumming," the reaction is "priceless!!"

Honey, since you insist on "being such a show off," allowing your cock to become rock hard, with your balls so engorged, swollen, and blue, the decision has been made to give you a little advance training, to see how well you'll perform. You are going to be introduced to "tease and denial sexercise," a regular part of your "cumming training!" Show them that you can take it, by not losing your "pent up" cum load!"

"Hrrumph? Grunt!! Groan...!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "This will be a convenient time to remove the net cock and ball pouch. It will have to be done with care, as you don't want to get the gel from the cup, on your hands."

Nurse Monique, please use a pair of latex gloves to carefully remove the net pouch, by undoing the two snaps in the front of the waist band, and the snap directly behind his balls. The gel medication rapidly loses it potency when the sponge is removed from his cock head. Use a little liquid soap to clean most of the excess gel from his cock, but use caution not to rub his cock head excessively. Too much stimulation could possibly cause him to have an ejaculation. We don't want that to happen right now."

Nurse Monique: "I think I have him all clean and ready for his introduction to his tease and denial sexercises."

Dr. Vaughn: " We should insert an internal male catheter into his bladder, through his urethra at this point. He is going to have to relieve himself of some of the fluid he is forced to swallow, fairly soon. The smallest tube version must be used so as to leave room for other cumming attachments into his urethra!

Dr. Vaughn: Nurses Cindy and Julie, carefully insert the male catheter into his urethra. Use liquid lubricant on the tube when doing so. Make sure the catheter is inserted far enough to reach the inside of his bladder. Then clamp the tube end that is exposed."

Nurse Cindy: "Don't Move!! It is very important that you stay still, while Nurse Julie slides the internal male catheter into your bladder! I will be holding your stiff cock steady, while Nurse Julie proceeds with the installation of the catheter!! Once this is accomplished, I will clamp the tube end!" Dr. Vaughn, he's ready for his practice tease and denial sexercise session!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, since it is your suggestion, you get to tease his bulging, red cock. You will stand at his right side, and place a stretchable cock ring over his bulging stiff cock, and behind his swollen balls. It might take a couple of tries, to find the correct snug size. The ring has to be tight enough, that his balls cannot pull out! Once you have this done, you will begin to tickle his frenum, and use your nails, to gently play with his cock crown. Make sure that you watch very carefully for the clear precum fluid that will leak out of his urethra. When that happens, you must alert the other nurses to cease playing, and wait a minute after the precum flow stops, to let him come back off of "the edge."

Nurse Monique: "Yes, Dr. Vaughn, I understand."

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Cindy, You will stand by his left leg, cup his balls with your right handand gently roll his balls to massage themUse your left hand to mildly squeeze, scratch, and tickle his balls!"

Nurse Cindy: "I will do my best to excite him, with both my fingers and hands."

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Julie, stand by his right leg. You will use the spinning tooth brush next to you on the stand,  to tickle his perineum, starting gently "rimming" ( circling around ) his anal opening, working right up behind his balls and reverse the procedure!"

Nurse Julie: "I think I can get close enough to do that."

Dr. Vaughn: "OK, nurses, as a team, all together, now! Remember, his cock and balls are totally helpless, exposed, and cannot escape your pleasure, so it should be easy to excite him! "

Nurses as a team: Peek-a -boo! Tickle, tickle, tickle! Kitchey, kitchey, coo! Poor baby!! Poor Thing!! We're having fun, playing with you!! Come on, lets see you squirm!! Tickle, tickle, tickle. Kitchey, kitchey, coo!! Your wife wants you to be a man! Show her you can take it, and not cum! You know you are enjoying this! Your cock shows it by staying rock hard! And your balls are super swollen, and full of cum!! And, oh so, blue, too!!! Tickle, tickle tickle. Kitchey, kitchey, coo!


Nurse Monique: "Stop, everyone! He's leaking precum profusely."

Dr Vaughn to his wife: "Would you like to suck some of the precum off of his cock head? You will have to be careful that you don't trigger an orgasm. The best way, is to allow a small gap between you and his urethra , sucking very hard to slurp the droplets as they emerge."

"I'd love to try to! UMMM!! Yummy! Such a unique flavor!" Thank you, Dr. Vaughn, for the opportunity!! I will make this a regular practice at home when I have him restrained for tease and denial sexercise!!"

Dr. Vaughn, after a short pause, allowing the male patient to recover from the ordeal: "OK nurses, again!"

Nurses: Peek-a -boo! Tickle, tickle, tickle! Kitchey, kitchey, cooWe've got you! Your cock and balls, are ours to play with, too!! Oh, look, he's trying to avoid us. You poor baby!! Sorrrry! You can't get away! There's no escape for you! Snicker!! You will have to endure the teasing, until we decide when to stop!!" You better not cum, or you will be in trouble with your wife!


Dr. Vaughn: "Do you think your husband has had enough teasing for now?"

"Yes! If he receives any more attention, he probably will ejaculate the fluid from his swollen aching blue balls! I'm so proud! He was able to endure the training sample, and not lose his cum!" A good start for him! I can see he will do just fine with your team in his future training! "

The nurses: "Dr Vaughn, his wife is right. We enjoyed the teasing immensely. He's a lot of fun! Given the choice we could do this all day. And it was good training for all of us, to gain the experience. But we're afraid that he has reached his limit for now!"

Dr.Vaughn: "Awesome! A session beautifully executed! Then, I guess it's time we regroup around his genitals. to learn about the Lori 2 E."

Dr. Vaughn: "The Lori 2 E male chastity harness consists of four basic parts, plus three screws that have keyed slots in the heads. A special key fits snugly into the screw head. No other device will fit the screw heads properly, for removal of the screws. A WARNING!! Tampering with the screw heads can lead to making the chastity harness a permanent fixture to the male genitals!

The Chastity device is shipped assembled, with the proper screw lengths inserted.

First, we will remove the screw that holds the large ring to the cage assembly. This part is known as the cock ring. It has a curved bar permanently attached to the outside bottom of the ring, and is known as the ball divider bar. On the top inside of the ring, there are two spikes. These are present as part of the basic security system, to help prevent the wearer from removing his cock from the chastity harness. Also, the hole to secure the cock cage to the cock ring, is found at the top of the ring.

Removing a second screw from the top of the cock cage entrance, allows the upper part of the cage to be removed, like the half of a clam shell. Inside of this part, are two more spikes, that help to hold his cock from being pulled out, especially when his cock totally fills the cage. On the outside of the cage top is a loop that can be used to attach a leash, or for other accessories.

The main part of the cock cage, has two more spikes, located in the inside bottom of the cage ring entrance, making a total of six. Again, as part of the security system, to deter the wearer from any attempt to remove his cock from the cage. Located on the outside, under the cage bottom, with two holes, is a securing block. One hole secures the end of the ball divider bar, when the cock cage and cock ring are assembled together. This hole can easily be identified, as it is not drilled all the way through the block.

Towards the front of the cage, is found the retainer ringThe ring is made very close to the diameter behind the male's cock head, ( This measurement is very important to fit properly! ) directly behind the cock crown. The male's cock is pushed through the retainer ring, until the ring is captured right behind his cock crown. The purpose of the retainer ring is an additional security method, to further assure that the male cannot remove his cock from the cage. The retainer ring is attached to a round post, and the retainer ring is allowed to pivot freely forwards and backwards, as the male's cock swells and shrinks, in his cock cage. The round post is inserted in a hole in the cock cage bottom block, just in front of the hole for the ball divider bar. A screw is fed through the wearer's left side of the block to secure the post. Once installed, the screw is made permanent. The post itself has a slot cut in it, so it will freely move up and down in the hole, around 3/16," ( The retainer ring can almost touch the inside top of the cock cage. ) on the security screw, as the male's cock diameter swells and shrinks in his cock cage. This movement is important to allow the male's cock urethra to always properly align in his cock cage front opening for fluid elimination. Otherwise, the fluid could spray everywhere. It should be noted here, trying to pull his cock backwards out of the retainer ring, will cause the ring to clamp his cock, like it is caught in a mouse trap. If pulled too far backwards, it could possibly pinch and tear his cock frenum skin.

The cage front opening for fluid elimination, when both sections are assembled, takes the shape of a heart. This feature was optional, and requested by his wife. As his cock swells to maximum size allowed by the cock cage, his cock head will press against the heart shaped opening, as though being "kissed" by the heart. Some wives like the effect."

Dr. Vaughn: "Any questions? All attendees of this session, will receive a copy of the Lori 2 E chastity harness description, for further reference.

And now, we must move forward. We will proceed with the fitting of the chastity harness to our patient. He has waited long enough for this momentous occasion. It's time that his wife's wish for him, be fulfilled!"

"Honey, I will be right here with you through the whole procedure. Oh, I am so excited for you!! You made me proud! You tolerated the cock and ball teasing you were subjected to, without releasing your built up awesome cum load! Soon, you'll build cum loads for me, and I'll deny them, while you pleasure me!"

"Ungh!! GLUGG!! Grunt!"

"See Dr. Vaughn, he is less excited, and has calmed down a lot. He wants to be a good boi, and cooperate."

Dr.Vaughn: "Excellent! The potion has finally taken full effect, making our task that much easier. The procedure moves so much faster, when the patient is resigned to his fate, and shows little resistance to it. Okay, nurses, ready to proceed?"

Nurses in chorus: " YES!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "First, we need the elastic cock ring Monique fitted for the teasing and denial training session, removed. Then, the patient's genitals must be bathed, so he is clean. He has oozed so much precum lubricant all down his cock shaft, and over his balls, from his teasing episode. With his uncontrollable stiff erection and swollen balls, he now has little control of his precum flow. Excitement is key to the rate of precum flow. Nurse Julie, please take a warm wash cloth, and clean him up. Be careful not to rub too vigorously, as that may cause him to lose control of the fluid in his balls. We don't need an "unwanted incident" right now. He'll have his chance for that later!! He has passed his first test, not releasing his cum load during tease and denial sexercise!!

Nurse Julie: "I'll be careful. OK. There. All clean. He certainly oozed a lot of precum all over himself, during the teasing. I love to watch helpless bois drool and ooze precum fluid, when their cocks are forced to become rock hard, standing at attention, and their balls turn blue, as they swell with a huge cum load, waiting to ejaculate, then denied, when teased!!! He has a super generating precum gland!! I thought he would never stop leaking!"

Dr. Vaughn:" Now, we need to relieve our patient's swollen cock and balls problem. His chastity harness won't fit him in this condition. We will use a cold pack around his genitals. Nurse Monique, please assist in this process. The ice pack is on the table."

Nurse Monique: "He is so cute, lying there, totally helpless, with his cock so red and stiff, and his plump swollen blue balls, especially now, since we teased him so much! I almost hate to do this to him. I'm slipping the cold flex tube part over his stiff cock. and wrapping the pad around his cock base, making sure to cover his swollen balls. There. That should do it!"

"Unnngh!! Mmph! GLUGG!! Grunt!!"

Nurse Monique: Aww w, poor baby! You poor thing! That must be quite a shock, after your tease and denial session! There!! As soon as we shrink your cock and balls enough, we can fit your custom made chastity harness on you. Isn't that exciting?!"

Dr Vaughn: "Nurse Cindy, it looks like he is ready to have the ice pack removed."

Nurse Cindy. "Yes, Dr. Vaughn. Removed, and the patient is waiting for the next step."

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Julie, yours is the privilege to fit the cock ring, which fits over his cock, and behind his balls. Be sure that the ball divider bar is positioned at the bottom of the ring as you hold it, and facing towards you. Move the cock ring as close to his ball sac as you can, and gently, pull the ball sac as far through the ring as possible. Now, holding the cock ring with your left hand, close to his body, find his right ball. Push his right ball towards you, through the cock ring. It should "pop" into the ring. Good! Next, reverse you hands. Find his left ball. Use the same process, to push his left ball through the cock ring. This time it may take a little more pressure to make it "pop" in. There you go! Splendid! You're doing a good job! Now for his cock. This will be trickier. We have to get his cock past the two spikes, without injuring him. Careful with the male catheter exposed tube end!! We'll have to work quickly, before the ice pack effect wears off, too.

Nurse Cindy, Please apply some lubricant to his cock."

Nurse Cindy: "Ready, willing, and done!"

Dr.Vaughn: "Nurse Julie, you want to line up his cock head with the top of the cock ring. Hold the cock ring with your fingers. Using your thumbs, gently work his cock past the two spikes in the top of the cock ring, until his cock is all the way through the cock ring. Well done!! Finally, roll, and tuck his balls into the curved ball divider bar, so that the ball divider bar, presses into his ball sac, and separates his balls. You want to be sure that his balls are as far away from his body in his ball sac as possible. Good! A beautiful fit!

Nurse Monique, you will be fitting our patient with the main part of the chastity harness. I will talk you through it."

Nurse Monique: "I'm ready, Dr. Vaughn."

Dr. Vaughn: "Our Patient should still have enough lubricant on his cock head, to be able to push it past the two spikes in the bottom of the cock cage ring entrance. Carefully do so at this time. When his cock is far enough in, you will need to hold the retainer ring upright, so as to press his cock head through the retainer ring. Once the crown of his cock head is slipped through, the ring should be captured by the rear of his cock crown. The retainer ring should not be able to pull off of his cock. Good girl! Now comes the tough part. You have to find the hole in the block under the cock cage, to fit to the end of the ball divider bar. Carefully fit this hole on the ball divider bar, without pinching the skin, and work the cock cage clamp hole, over the cock ring mounting hole. Put a temporary screw through the hole in the cock cage clamp, and into the hole in the cock ring. Wonderful! So far, a smooth operation!

Nurse Cindy, you get to complete the assembly. Please find the upper cock cage clam shell part. You have the most difficult part of this procedure, because it will complete the chastity harness assembly once you are finished."

Nurse Cindy: "I can do this!! I have the part, and am ready for instructions."

Dr. Vaughn: "That's the spirit! Your first task is to remove the temporary screw that Nurse Monique installed with the screw key. When you do this, you have to be careful that the cock cage stays in place, and at the same time, place the cock cage clam shell over the top of the main cock cage. You will find two screw holes that need to filled. First, install the longer screw in the hole that secures both the main cock cage and the cock cage clam shell to the cock ring, and tighten snugly, but not real tight. Next, install the shorter screw that holds the main cock cage to the cock cage clam shell. Tighten this screw securely. And, finally tighten the other screw securely. Splendid!! Nurse Cindy, you have just completed our chastity harness fitting procedure!! Our patient is now harnessed with his new Lori 2 E, which cannot be removed without his wife's key!"

Nurse Monique: "Oh, wow!!! See how the ball divider bar has pressed into his scrotum, separating his balls, forcing them to swell, turning them blue!! He must have a super cum load building up from the swelling!! GRIN!! His cock has filled his chastity harness cage to the point of bulging through the open slits!! Aw-w!! His cock head is pressing the chastity harness's heart opening, being kissed!! UM-M-MA!!! SMILE!! What an awesome sight!! And, not being use to wearing his new chastity harness, he is all excited from the "sense of being controlled" feeling he cannot escape! He'll have to adjust to the idea that his wife now "owns" him!! He has many new things to get use to!! It takes time.."

"Honey, what an awesome looking device your chastity harness is! It's gorgeous!! I love seeing how you look, wearing it, and knowing that I am the only one who can release you from it! And, in a few days of training, you will enter the "magic" transformation stage, caused by wearing your new chastity harness! You cannot escape its effect!! Then I will own you completely!! Your cock and balls will be mine to tease, deny, to play with, until my heart's content!!! OH, WOW!! I'm overwhelmed with emotion!! Yes! Yes! Yasss!!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Our next step is to fit our male patient with a shocker/vibrator device, that will be part of his "cumming" training. The device has two electrical posts, one contacting each of his balls. A wireless remote unit controls the device. He can either receive a shock for bad behavior, or erotic vibrations for being a good boi. To fit this to him, all we have to do is place the device behind his balls, run the strap from the device, to a post, added to the chastity harness he is wearing, and lock the strap to the post. Then it can't be removed by him. Did you bring the device with you?"

"Yes. I have it right here. It came in the mail, shortly before the Lori 2 E chastity harness arrived."

Dr. Vaughn: "Would you like to fit the device on your husband? The only thing you have to be careful of, is make certain that neither post makes contact with the ball divider bar on his chastity harness."

"I think I can do that, without any problem."

"Honey, I"m installing a device on you, necessary for your future training. It provides the choice to give your balls a shock, if you need to be disciplined, or excite your balls with pleasant vibrations,if you behave yourself, and are a good boi. I hope that you will cooperate, and not require the shock to your balls! It would be so much more fun to tease your balls with erotic vibrations, and watch you squirm with helpless pleasure!! I am now installing the device. I fitted, and locked the device in place, ready for your "cumming" training."

"Unnga! GLUGG!! Grunt!"

Dr. Vaughn: "After a short break, we will do the final part of the procedure, which is very important to our patient's wife.

Because our male patient won't be allowed an orgasm for sometime, three months is common, into his "cumming" training, it will be necessary for his wife to perform a prostate milking procedure on him every two or three weeks. This process is important to keep our male patient's prostate in good functioning order. It does not interfere with his lack of allowed orgasms, as this method of release is an oozing ejaculation, not an orgasm, still keeps him under the influence of the "magic" effect. His wife will not lose the physical and mental control she will have. The milking can be done while he is wearing his chastity harness. There is no need to remove it, for the procedure.

Nurse Monique: Oh, wow!!! He must feel ultra excited and controlled from being fitted with his new chastity harness!!! A sense of total helplessness is taking hold of his mental state!! See how the ball divider bar is pressing into his scrotum, separating his balls, forcing them to swell, turning them blue!! And, look at the size of his balls!! I can't believe it's possible for his balls to grow that huge!! A super cum load is building up in his ball sac from the swelling!! SMILE!! And his cock has filled his chastity harness cage to the point of starting to bulge through the open slits!! What a deliciously awesome sight!! I love it!!!

Dr. Vaughn: "Now is a convenient time to perform a "clean out" demonstration procedure, to purge his prostate and balls, so as to give him a healthy start in his tease and denial sexercise training!. I hope our patient's wife bought the prostate vibrator I suggested. It has several different vibration modes, rotates, and thrusts in and out, to massage her husband's prostate. A locking leather harness is included to snugly secure the prostate vibrator in his rectum, to prevent him from expelling the vibrator while it is functioning! It also comes with a wireless remote control unit, ( And contacts to use a cable hook up. ) that should make the procedure simple. She can try the different modes to see which one/ones is/are the most effective on him. "

"Yes, Dr. Vaughn. I have it right here. I am eager to witness the demonstration. I'm interested to see how long it takes to drain my husband's prostate and balls. And by the look of the size of his balls, it will probably take awhile!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Very good! Nurse Julie, will you locate the jar of lubricant, and apply a generous amount to our patient's anal opening? Also give some to our patient's wife, to put on the prostate vibrator shaft, so she can easily insert it into his rectum."

Nurse Julie: "I found it. I put some in his anal opening, as requested. I must have excited him with my touch while applying the lubricant. I noticed that he is trying to completely swell out of his chastity harness. I can see the retainer ring move forward as he is attempting to get erect. His balls are now totally engorged!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "I guess the ice pack effect has worn off. We will have take immediate action to eliminate the problem! His prostate and balls are going to experience quite a workout!! Nurse Monique, please roll a condom over his chastity cage to catch the "cum load" that will be forced to flow out of his cock."

Nurse Monique: "Condom's in place. He looks so-o excited! I bet he can't wait for the procedure to begin!" Aw-w-w!! His balls are really swollen and blue. If he stays that way for long, they will ache him terribly!! And his poor cock is bulging through his chastity harness cage bars as much as it can, throbbing at his heart's pulse rate!! What an awesome demonstration of his helplessness!! He knows he is about to lose total control of his cock and balls, ejecting his cum load, with no way to stop it!!!

Dr. Vaughn: "Probably for the best! His being excited, will help the "clean out" process work more effectively!! Anyway, it's time for our patient to have his wife insert the prostate vibrator into his rectum, secure the vibrator with the harness and lock it, then start the vibrator with the remote control. It should take only a few minutes to drain his prostate and balls. His cock will stay swollen to its maximum size in his chastity harness until he has fully released his awesome pent up cum load!! He is going to be a little uncomfortable with that effect for awhile!!" The prostate vibrator is designed to first tease him, building his his cum load fluid to the maximum point in his balls and prostate possible, so they are swollen and blue!! This is to ensure that he has the maximum pressure from the cum load built up inside his prostate and balls, to guarantee that when triggered, he will totally expel the huge cum load, and end up completely empty!! Otherwise we would have to do the process all over again!!

"Honey, are you ready to begin? Your training requires you to have a prostate and balls cum load clean out. Then you will be a new man after the procedure is over! The awesome thing about all this is, that your new chastity harness doesn't even have to be removed for the procedure!! It will take place while you are wearing it!! Isn't that wonderful??!! By the display you have shown us so far, I see that you have already tested the allowable boundaries of space you have to grow in your chastity harness when you get excited!!! Good boi!!"

"Unnuggh!! Ungh!!, Ungh!! Groan!!"

I know sweetie. You're eager to begin the process. But, before I activate the prostate massager, I think you and I should take this opportunity to thank Ms. Lori for the exceptional craftsmanship on her lovely 2 E chastity harness, made especially for you!! And she wishes you all the best for your future lifestyle!! You can think of her, whenever you see, or feel your chastity harness "cuddling your cock and balls," as you wear it!! That should be comforting, and give you a "warm, fuzzy feeling!!

And Dr. Vaughn, Nurse Cindy, Nurse Monique, and Nurse Julie, should be thanked for taking their time to successfully custom fit your new chastity harness to your genitals, making it a "fun thing," don't you?!! No female medical team could have done a better job!! They really care about you!! They said you make a wonderful playmate!! You are so much fun!! You are very active, and quick to respond to being teased!! The way your cock and balls swell so rapidly when being played with, is proof you enjoy their teasing!! You can't hide that fact!! This makes them love the time they spend with you, because you "show" your appreciation so well!! That's an ultra desirable trait in a husband!! I'm so lucky you're all mine!! We're going to have so much fun in our bedroom, when you're fully trained!!! I can't wait to get you back home!!"

"Now the time has cum, for your cock and balls to be MILKED!!" The process has been delayed long enough! The good news is, you won't lose your desire to have an orgasm after the "milking" is finished. You will still be horny, and wanting to cum!! And, you will still be on schedule, working towards the time when you will be under control of the "magic" soon produced by your chastity harness!! Therefore, you won't lose your accrued time. I know that you must have been worried about that.

Honey, you cannot prevent the forced ejaculation you are about to have!! Don't even try!! We will all be right here, watching you, cheering you on, as the prostate massager vibrator takes control of your prostate, relieving your cock and balls of their tension, by emptying all your built up cum load fluids!! Your cum load will be collected in the condom that Monique, placed over your chastity harness cage, so there's no need be concerned about making a mess!!! That should "take a load off" of your mind also! SMILE!! Everything will be taken care of afterwards. Please don't be embarrassed, and try to hold back because we are watching you!! We, as your female sexercise training team and your wife, have the right to see how well you perform!! Take this opportunity to enjoy the sensuous feelings you will be forced to endure, as you release your cum load, to empty your prostate, and those awesome, engorged, swollen blue balls! Let your cum load fluids flow and squirt through your straining cock, harnessed in your chastity cage, into the waiting condom, Monique, with tender loving care, carefully fitted to your chastity cage to collect them!! You're free to squirm as much as you need, to help the process!! Pull hard on your restraints, if that helps!! It's good healthy exercise!! Moan and grunt, if necessary!! No one will try to stop you, so "respond" to the prostate vibrator in anyway you feel you must!!! You really have a unique opportunity to display you ability to expel your cum load for all of us to witness!!! We will be watching you fill your chastity cage condom with your cum load, and enjoying your "genital" showmanship, as you do so!!! I just know you won't disappoint us!"

Finally, my lips are puckered up, preparing to give your beautiful, engorged, blue balls, ultra swollen, causing them to bulge way out in front of your body, and erotically separated by the shiny, polished, ball divider bar, making it easy for me to give them each a gentle, loving kiss, to wish you luck!!! First, the right ball, UMMMA! And now, the left ball, UMMMA!! There!! I love the look of "my hubbie's beautiful huge blue balls," filled with an awesome accumulated cum load, that have patiently anticipated the signal for their long awaited cummie release!! No more delaying! Here's hoping I help you succeed in your efforts to empty your "pent up cum load on the first try!!"


"I know, honey. You're eagerly "anxious" to begin!! I'll obey your wish!! And now, my love, it's time for me to push the remote control button, sending the signal you've been waiting for, that will let you "express" yourself! Ready or not, here it comes... SMILE!!!"


Part 2 of the story is  "The Training School."

                                                   The Training School


The feminine world forum recently passed a new universal law. All males 18 years and older must have their genitals custom fitted with a surgical steel chastity harness.

This law requires ALL married, and post school age ( 18 years ) single adult males, to attend a special male chastity training school. Here, each male will be interviewed by a female doctor. A nurse will temporarily desensitize his genitals, preventing him from getting excited, having an erection, causing his testes and scrotum sac to swell, filling with a cum load. Once the desensitizer spray takes effect, the doctor will make accurate measurements of his penis, testes and scrotum sac. A custom fitted surgical steel genital chastity harness order is placed for him.

When the completed chastity harness is sent to the school, the male must report for a two week stay at the training school. He is asked to strip of his clothing, is restrained, then fitted with a dildo gag. This gag, described previously, had by now been adopted as the standard device used with all male patients during their tease and denial sexercise training!  It's extreme effectiveness in controlling the male, had been proven to far out do any other invention for this purpose!!! It made the procedure so-o much easier than previously, before the device was invented!! Once the dildo gag, with its attached enema bag, containing mind and/or body controlling elixers, is activated, no male is able to escape the swallowing/squeezing/sucking control it has on him!!!  This renders the male patient helpless, while he is fitted with his special chastity harness. He then starts his tease and denial "sexercise" training, supervised by the doctor and her nurses. The bulk of the tease and denial sexercise training is conducted by an AI computer, until the male's chastity "magic" point is reached. Then he is manually teased and denied by the doctor and her nursing team until he is considered totally trained for his wife's, or future wife's pleasure. The law holds his wife, or mother/female guardian  ( for unmarried males ) responsible for keeping him under the "chastity magic."

When an unmarried male over 18 is being trained at the school, once the AI computer training is concluded, and he is under the chastity magic spell, he will then receive manual tease and denial sexercise training, conducted by a female doctor and her nursing staff. If one of the unmarried female nurse trainers decides she likes the way the male responds to her part in the female manual training actions during his tease and denial sexercises, he must submit to marry her upon completion of his training. Once such a decision is made, arrangements are made for the couple to have an apartment to move to after they are married. The nurse trainer then takes the lead in the remaining manual tease and denial training sexercises, under the direction of the training team doctor. She continues to train him to her particular liking, until he has completed his two weeks at the school. A marriage ceremony is performed while he is still restrained to his tease and denial training heart shaped bed. Then she re- installs his chastity harness to his cock and balls, if it has been removed during training. The dildo gag remains in his mouth, with the enema bag connected. The enema bag is attached to a hook on the gyno chair, once he is transferred to the chair from his training heart shaped bed. The male internal catheter that was inserted into his urethra that has been clamped, is connected to a fluid retaining bag under the gyno chair. He is transported in the chair to their apartment, where she will transfer him with help, to their bed, and securely restrain him there. He is then hers for life, to control as she wishes!!

Colleges will require that all students, male and female, be 18 years of age to attend. Prior to attending any college, a male must make an appointment with a female doctor, to have his genitals measured for his surgical steel chastity harness. An order is placed for him. When his chastity harness arrives at the doctor's office, he must go to be fitted before he can start school. Upon completion of his senior year, he must report to a "training school" for his two weeks of tease and denial training!!

During school days, all college bois must wear "transparent" ( completely see-through) sports shorts, exposing their surgical steel chastity harnesses to plain view. A nearly invisible form fitting, scanty, large hole fishnet jock strap cock and balls pouch, supports each boi's surgical steel chastity harness. It cuddles his balls sticking out of his chastity harness, and snugly fits over his chastity cage!! Two snaps in the front of the pouch, attach to the jock strap waist band front. The jockstrap loop, the ends of which are attached to the waistband sides, has a snap in the loop's center. The loop, when passed through the boi's crotch, attaches to the cock and balls pouch's rear snap, directly behind the boi's balls sac. The college girls can easily view the bois' caged cocks and balls through the fishnet jockstraps at close range, bouncing, jiggling, and swinging, as the bois actively walk and run!! This permits the college girls to see the details of the surgical steel chastity harnesses the bois are required to wear for male sexual control. The girls smile and giggle at seeing the bois chastity harnesses in action, on parade!!  ( Seeing the bois chastity harnesses openly exposed, is used to educate the college girls to realize that they will one day control a boi sexually, with a chastity harness device, through marriage! )

Female nurses daily inspect the bois' chastity harnesses and jock straps, to insure proper fit, to avoid genital injuries, before allowing the bois any sports participation! The nurses simply have the bois drop their shorts, the nurses undo the two front cock and balls pouch snaps to uncover the bois chastity harnesses for inspection. The nurses look for proper fit, cleanliness, and no chaffing or sores. The nurses also test the disciplinary vibrator/shock devices for battery charge and function. This devices are permanently attached to the chastity harnesses cock rings, tucked snugly behind the bois' balls sacs. An electrical contact probe is attached to each ball. When remote control activated, the device delivers either a selected shock level, or vibrations, to the bois balls as a warning for misbehavior!

If a college girl chooses a boi friend while in school, she is given a remote control unit to his disciplinary vibrator/shock device, to control his actions during the time she spends with him. Girls like to show off to their girl friends, how they have control of their boi friends, by demonstrating the operation of the disciplinary vibrator/shock device. The girl friends laugh and giggle, enjoying the effects it has on the bois. This encourages more girls to pick boi friends, as they wish to have their own "fun!!" The bois learn there are consequences for "getting out of line, in addition to the physical "teasing" they have to endure from the girls!! The girls soon realize this is their first opportunity in learning to control a boi through his cock and balls!! Good for the girls, not so good for the boys!!

College girls, must take biology in their sophmore year of college, to study the male genitals in detail. They will learn how to manipulate bois' cocks and balls, using 
tease and denial "sexercise" techniques, the meaning and importance of the male chastity"magic," how to keep it effective, and how it gives them as future wives, total control over their future husbands, in the bedroom.

For college bois sophmore year of college, requires them to learn the details of cunnilingus, how to please a girl to orgasm with their tongues. To graduate college, each boi must be chosen by a college girl student, to demonstrate to an all female panel in a special room, ( A bed is provided in front of the female panel, for the graduation sexercises. ) their proficiency at making a girl orgasm by the use of his fingers and tongue. The bois  perform, wearing only their chastity harnesses, including the shocker/vibrator device, and supported by their scanty fishnet jock straps. Girls will be allowed to wear a negligee of their choosing, as long as it consists of a crotchless style design. It has been found that a crotchless bodysuit, teddy, or negligee with crotchless panties, has the best visual effect on the boi's performance  ( Hook and eye or snap crotch closures are permitted to be worn by the girls, also, ) Each girl is given the wireless remote unit that controls the disciplinary vibrator/shock device of the boi she is partnered with, so she can control his actions!!  Each boi will be graded by his foreplay technique, how rapidly he can cause the girl to orgasm, and how excited the girl becomes when displaying her orgasmic ability. Each boi will be allowed to drool and drip precum during the performance, but he is forbidden to orgasm! The male chastity harnesses will be fitted with clear cups attached to the cages open ends. This allows observation of the collection of the precum drooling and dripping, while the bois are performing. The clear cups are also there to monitor that the bois drooling and dripping contains no cum fluid! ( A special grade will be given to the boi who drools and drips the most into his clear cup, when his girl partner orgasms. ) The special room will have one way viewing windows surrounding it, to allow interested girls to observe the performances, but bois are not allowed to view the procedures!!

All girls must take a "field trip" to a 
male tease and denial "sexercise" training school, to study how males are trained to be good husbands. They will visit rooms where male patients are being teased and denied, gathering around their bedsides, to witness their responses to computer controlled tease and denial "sexercise" programs.

The girls will be allowed to practice installing and removing the chastity harnesses on male patients, to know the procedure when they marry.
 They are allowed to practice manual teasing and denial of male patients' genitals under female supervision, to become familiar with the techniques used, to be proficient at denying their future husbands to have an orgasm without consent. At the end of their senior year in college, they are also be given a written examination, to see if they have the "aptitude" and "talent" to be professional tease and denial "sexercise" trainers
To be chosen for this prestigious position, is considered an honor!


The story continues where the previous tale, "The Fitting of the Awesome Lori 2 E Male Chastity Device - A Medical Training Story," ended. In this episode, the wife took the initiative to have her husband custom fitted with his chastity harness, BEFORE, the law required it, She is considered a pioneer in what wives endured in the early times, to make a better life for her, and her husband!!

Nurse Monique: "Oh, look!! You can see him leaking 
cum into the condom, through the end of his chastity harness! The prostate vibrator is working on him! He can't control himself! WOW!! Such an awesome "cum load" he is ejaculating!! So fascinating to watch!! I have never seen anything like this!!! I think his wife helped with his "milking output," by her display of emotion. I loved her little ceremony performance, kissing his balls just before pushing the remote control button to activate the prostate milking vibrator!! It was so-o-o sweet of her!! He really responded to that!! I think he was in tears, by the sounds he made!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "It was a very unselfish act of love for him on her part. I'm glad he responded, showing his appreciation for her caring! I'm happy that the milking vibrator is working so well. No male prostate can ignore the effect of a 
massaging vibrator! This particular vibrator is designed to achieve a maximum effect rapidly! It vibrates, rotates, and thrusts!! He can't hope to retain his cum for long. He will be empty very soon!!

Nurse Cindy: "He's nearly
 "totally milked" already! What a huge amount of "cum load fluids" he released!! He was "fully loaded!" If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it!"

Nurse Julie: "
Milked! An excellent word for his display! Milking him, left him unsatisfied! He still strongly has the desire for an orgasm, and thus he still remains horny!! And now, his cock is bulging through his chastity harnessAww - w, poor baby!! His cock must be really aching for relief!!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Part of his 
"cumming training," involves his learning to accept and endure the aching that his bulging cock, and blue balls will give him, while wearing his chastity harness. His wife has given us full permission to "train" him, since he responds so well to our techniques. She is allowing us to transport him directly to our facility, where he will immediately begin his chastity lifestyle training. We can use any procedure we feel necessary, to prepare him for his wife's "service." She has signed him up at work for a two week vacation, so he won't be missed, and will check with us daily, to keep up with his progress. So, Nurse Monique, please remove the condom, and clean his chastity cage. Then remove the clamp from the male catheter tube, and connect the drain tube from the fluid bag hanging under the gyno chair, to the male catheter."

Nurse Monique: "With pleasure! What should I do with this "awesome load" of "cum fluids" in the condom? "

Dr. Vaughn: "I think his wife would want us to pour them in his enema bag, with the potion, for him to "cumsume." Male cum fluids are nourishing. It's a good way to recycle his "cum fluids," don't you think? "

"Aggglug!! Grunt!!"

"Honey, why do you have a problem with that? What a awesomely huge cum load you "made and released!!" I'm proud of you! Dr. Vaughn, you have my permission to pour his cum fluids into the enema bag. 
In fact, that will solve the problem of how to dispose of his "cum fluids," drained in all of his milking sessions to "cum!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, proceed to pour his "cum fluids" in the enema bag. Rinse the condom thoroughly in the potion, to to be sure all of his "cum fluids" are deposited in the enema bag. Please make sure that the "cum fluids" get to the bag bottom, so they will pass through the dildo gag. He will then be forced to swallow, his throat muscles squeezing the dildo cock head, and suck them through the dildo urethra opening!! Smile!!"

Nurse Monique: "I can't get over how beautiful his chastity harness is that Ms. Lori made for him! It should last him a lifetime! I heard that as designs become more sophisticated, he can get upgrades added to the harness. The retainer ring for instance, was a last minute addition. He should be thankful his wife thinks enough of him, to buy the very best equipment!! OK, cum fluids, in you go!! Ploop!!! Dr. Vaughn, his "cum load fluids" are now in the enema bag. He should be "
" them soon! Giggle!" 

Nurse Cindy: "What an awesome education we are receiving! Such a career to be trained in! Oh, look! Since the enema bag is transparent, we can see his "cum fluids" floating down in the bagged potion, and are now entering the transparent enema bag tube. I'm mesmerized by their "wiggling" as they sink!"

Nurse Julie: " His "cum fluids" are at the bottom of the tube, and entering the dildo gag! Unfortunately, we can't see what is happening now, but we'll know when his "cum fluids" are squeezed and sucked through the slit opening in the dildo gag head, and enter his mouth. He's probably thinking about when that will happen, hoping it won't! Snicker! We should see an interesting reaction from him when he i
s forced to swallow them!"

Nurse Monique: "I can't wait to witness his response! It gives me chills down my spine, just thinking about his anticipation, knowing there's nothing he can do to stop them!! Giggle!! 
He HAS to squeeze and suck on the dildo, accept them in his mouth, and swallow them sooner or later!! Smile!"

Muffled sounds, "GLUGG!! AGGGH! Gurgle! Whimper! URRRP! Gag!! Grunt!!!"

His wife, the medical staff, all together: 
"Oh, Yes! GOOD boi!! Awesome!!! Priceless!!!"


Dr. Vaughn: "I can see he is going to be such an excellent patient!"

Nurse Monique: "That response was worth waiting for!! He is going to be s-o-o-o much fun to train!!!"

Dr. Vaughn: " The potion filled enema bag, will be kept connected to his dildo gag, while we transport him. The enema bag can hang on the elevated hook stand above his head on the gynecology chair. This will keep him docile and cooperative in transit. His legs have to be folded back down so he can be loaded in the transport van, though. Nurse Cindy, please fold his legs in a "normal" position for the move."

Nurse Cindy: "An easy task. Consider it done. That little episode of display he gave us, makes me eager to get him to our facility, so we can begin his actual training!! He's so responsive! I love his reactions!!" 

Dr. Vaughn: "It will be nice to be on our "home ground," where we'll have everything we need available for his training. Let's get him loaded and on the way! His wife said that she would check on him tomorrow, after work."

"Honey, I will see you tomorrow, when I'm finished work. I'm certain that Dr. Vaughn, and her nursing staff will take good care of you in my absence. I trust them completely! I know they'll do a splendid job with you, in your "upcummimg" training!! What a "loving and teasing team" they are! They must really enjoy their work!! No wonder they are experts in their field!! 
Their cock and ball tease and denial sexercise techniques "ALWAYS yield the desired results" in their patients!! They really love "playing with you," getting to interact with your responses! Your reactions have been "priceless" to their teasing, so far!! Dr Vaughn, her training team, have been overjoyed with your awesome show of helplessness, during your "exposed" cock and balls "visual display responses," as your cock and balls have been teased and denied!!" Helplessness is the key to successful results in tease and denial sexercises!! You showed exceptional results from the practice tease and denial sexercise sessions the nurses put you through!! You should be thankful to have such "fun loving playmates looking after your "personal physical health," so promise me you will be on your best behavior for them!! Please show them you really appreciate their efforts to train you, by putting a "maximum effort" into your responses to their teasing!! Get physical!! Squirm vigorously!! Pull strongly on your restraints, testing them!! Remember, the exercise is good for your health!! Try to escape!! Moan and grunt!!! Let your cock get rock hard, allowing your balls to fill to the brim with cum fluid when excited, anticipating an orgasm!! Your "training team" will then know their efforts are being "felt"!!! It will inspire and encourage them to "bigger" and greater things with the tease and denial sexercises!! A little appreciation goes a long way!! I can see that you are going to have a wonderful time in the "cumming" days!! I can feel it!! I envy you!! They will keep your cock and balls "healthy, physically fit," and "toned up," with the "playful" tease and denial sexercise program that is planned!! I am so-o excited for you!! I hope that you will "feel excited," too, as Dr Vaughn and her nurse team "sexercise you," "working with you," to help you meet your " chastity magic" goal!!!"

"Whimper, urp, glug!"

"Aww-w!! Please don't cry, honey! I'll miss you, too!! 
I'll be thinking about you, having playful fun, while I have to work!! I guess you DO deserve a "little pleasure," for all the training you will have to go through! Be a good boi for your "training team," and cooperate, and they'll have you home, in no time! Won't you Dr. Vaughn?"

Dr. Vaughn: "We'll do our utmost to fully train him, as quickly as possible, won't we girls?!"

The nurses in chorus: 
Oh, yes, yes, yaas!! Bye! See you again, soon!"

Dr. Vaughn: " He can be transported with the prostate vibrator still inserted in his rectum. The vibrations will keep him preoccupied, then he won't be thinking so much about what his "cumming" training involves. We'll set the vibrations to avoid any further drainage from "cum" build up. Nurse Julie, please set the 
prostate vibrator for the non milking mode. That will shut off the rotations and thrustings, for the time being."

Nurse Julie: " All set, and ready to go!" His enema bag potion, and the prostate vibrator, should keep him "entertained" while we travel! The internal male catheter is connected to the fluid collecting bag tube, so he will have a chance to release some of the fluid he has been forced to swallow, while we travel! 


Dr. Vaughn: "Nurses, the first thing we need to do now that we are 
home, is give him a "clean out enema." The gynecology chair will do fine. So, we should wheel him to the enema room. For this procedure, we will need a gallon of warm water mixed with a cleansing fluid. Again, we will need to raise his legs up and back, so the nozzle can easily be inserted into his rectum. The inflatable double balloon nozzle will work best. It seals him, both on the inside and out, so he can't expel the fluid while it is flowing into him. This will allow the fluid solution time to work. I think about a half an hour will suffice! We can leave the male catheter connected for now.

Nurse Monique, will you please remove the prostate vibrator, and prepare to insert the enema nozzle into his rectum? You will need a little Vaseline on the nozzle, to ease it in. Once inserted, the balloons can be inflated, to secure the nozzle in place."

Nurse Monique: "
Poor baby!" I know you are not going to enjoy this part, but it is essential for the training process! I will do the best I can, to make it as pleasant as possible for you. First I shut down, and remove the prostate vibrator, which I'm sure you will be happy about. Don't go away now, while I get the double balloon nozzle and Vaseline!! Grin!! I'm going to apply a little Vaseline to your anal opening, and also a little on the nozzle tip, and, hold still now, in we go! Good boi!! Finally, to pump up the balloons, and that part is done!! Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?? I thought you handled that very well! It's the next step that you are really not going to appreciate! Giggle!! Dr. Vaughn, he's ready for the enema bag with the fluid mix, to be attached!"

Dr Vaughn: "Splendid, Nurse Monique! Nurse Cindy, please connect the enema bag hose to the nozzle tube. Then slowly release the clamp to allow the fluid mix to flow, but not too fast. We don't want the poor boi getting cramps from too rapid a stream. That's it! A nice slow, steady flow. You can watch the flow rate by the fluid spinner connected between the enema bag hose and the nozzle tube.

Unngh!! MMMMMnnggh!!

Nurse Cindy: "Aww-w!! Poor thing!! If you watch the spinner, it might help calm your anxiety a little bit. See how smoothly it rotates. Hypnotizing, isn't it? Spinning away slowly... Dr. Vaughn, the fluid is entering his rectum! I don't think he likes that too much!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "
Poor babyHe'll get over it!! I know it's not the most pleasant feeling, to have fluid entering your rectum without a release. That's OK. The pressure will be relieved fairly soon. Only a little more to inject!"

"Whimper! Unngh!! Grunt!!"

Nurse Cindy: "
Aww w! Are you crying? Poor boi! "Hold in there!" Snicker!! Release is cumming!! Giggle"

Dr. Vaughn: " Nurse Julie, we are going to need the large funnel pan to dispose of his waste down the drain system. Please position the funnel so there is no splashing, then release the balloons slowly, so he can drain out into the funnel. Once he is empty, remove the nozzle from his rectum, wipe his rectum clean, then install the second double balloon nozzle in his rectum in the same manner as the first nozzle was installed. Since there will be fluid only this time, the second nozzle has a special additional drain tube with a clamp, that will be released after the fluid has had time to rinse his bowels."

Nurse Julie: "You see!! The worst part is over! This time, we can let you drain through a release tube when it's time! You don't have to wait for the balloons to be deflated. Dr. Vaughn, I think I now have everything in place for the "
rinse cycle."

Dr. Vaughn: "Very good!! Nurse Monique, please attach the second enema bag to the nozzle tube, and start the fluid flowing."

Nurse Monique: " Now, hang in there! Watch the flow rate spinner!! See how it spins!! Good Boi!! After this procedure, you will be totally clean!!"

"NRRRUGHH!! Gurgle!! Glurp!!" Gulp!! Gag!! Grunt!!

Dr Vaughn, a while later: "It looks like it's time to release the fluid. The clamp can be removed." Then finally, "The nozzle can also be extracted."

Nurse Monique: "How do you feel?'' I bet you are glad 
that is over, aren't you?!!"

"Ummmph!!" Gulp!! Gag!! Grunt!!

Nurse Monique: "I thought you'd say that!!!"

Dr. Vaughn: " Shall we move him to the bedroom? 
We will be preparing him for his first evening tease and denial "sexercise" training.

Dr. Vaughn: "OK, girls. We will be using the heart shaped bed to prepare him for his tease and denial training initiation. The bed is large enough to allow a female staff member to lay next to him, if so desired. His legs will be widely spread, using locking fur lined cuffs, chain tensioned to the heart lobes. A locking soft lined neck collar is used to keep his head positioned, fastened with short, taut chains, to the bed near the heart point. His wrists will have locking fur lined cuffs, and be snugly attached above his head, to the heart point peak chains. A locking band is placed around his waist and attached to the bed, to restrict his side movement. Once he is totally secured to the bed, his chastity harness cage only, is removed from his cock, allowing him the freedom to have a rock hard erection. His balls, as a result, will then swell as large as physically possible, turning blue, filling up with a maximum cum load, preparing to ejaculate. A section of the heart lobe end, is removable for easy access to his cock and balls. Upon removal, a panel is available, directly below his genitals, providing all the computer connections we will need, to attach to his cock and balls, his rectum, and other erotic sensitive body parts, to start his training. A female engineer designed this bed, using male trainees, to have connections close to a male's genitals, and other erotic areas. Very efficient!!

The training program is automated, and AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) computer controlled, also designed by a female engineer. The ceiling is one big mirror, that has graphs and data readout from the computer, showing all the information concerning the activation of the various probes and teasing device combinations connected to him, and his responses to them as they are activated.
 He can see himself in the mirror, his cock rock hard, his balls swollen, blue, both clearly exposed. ( He has no way to hide his embarrassment from a monitoring female staffer who might be viewing his "training progress." She would be there to observe that the various computer functions are producing the desired effects on him, i.e., are his cock and balls swelling rapidly enough, are his balls filling with a full cum load at peak edging just prior to aborting an orgasm, is he allowed enough time between edging cycles, to prevent an accidental ejaculation attempt! ) He can see how he is reacting to the computer's teasing cycles, as he struggles and squirms, realizing that he has no choice but to yield to the computer's teasing!! The computer learns as it trains him, what his parameters are, controlling his teasing, preventing him from having an orgasm! The more it teases him, the closer it can push him to the "cumming" edge, without allowing him to ejaculate!! The computer can detect when he is about to "cum," and will send a wireless trigger signal to his ball shocker/vibrator device, snugly attached behind his swollen balls. This action will immediately shut down his attempt to orgasm!. Otherwise, the ball shocker/vibrator device can be activated by the AI computer to vibrate his balls, as it determines the need! One of a number of dual purpose devices employed.

I'm told that the AI computer can detect extreme sensitivity of a pending orgasm. He is going to experience some terrific denial teasing!! No doubt the program will have his urethra drooling a lot of precum, which is good to keep his urethra tube moist and functional! The precum is especially essential due to the presence of the male internal catheter tube! The female engineer who designed the program, has thoroughly tested the AI system using actual male subjects, running every conceivable test known to exist, to train a male, to make him a perfect husband, under the 
chastity harness systemThe computer can actually detect when the male has finally entered the "magic stage" of his training, and then uses a separate program system.

Once the male demonstrates that he has entered the chastity magic stage, he is now ready for small groups of female staffers to schedule manual tease and denial sessions with him. They love to tickle his cock, cup and fondle his balls, enjoying his futile attempts to escape their " hands on" teasing, since he is restrained and, oh, so-o helpless!!. The female staffers always love "playtime," the opportunity to "hone their skills," practicing their tease and denial techniques on him!! They learn new teasing ideas from each other, while having fun getting him "worked up," forcing him to drool a lot of precum during "playtime!!" The female staffer groups develop a sort of "team spirit" from the sessions.
 The manual teasing benefits the male, helping him re enter the personal world, reaching his peak training point to be a loving husband, before he is sent back to his wife!!

A locking fir lined neck collar is necessary, to ensure he doesn't resist the move to the bed. His wrists can be fitted with locking cuffs, and attached to two of the collar loops, one wrist on each side. A leash can also be connected to each of the two side loops, to guide him properly on to the bed. Once positioned, short bed fastened chains can be attached to each of two loops on his collar, and the leashes can be removed. A locked waist band is required before moving him. to secure his midsection to the bed. Next, his ankles should be secured to the very short bed chains which have padded locking cuffs on the ends. And finally, his cuffed wrists need to be transferred to the chains at the top of the bed. Hopefully the dildo gag potion still controls him. And, 
he is wearing the "ball shocking/vibrator device" strapped behind his balls, in case we need to activate it. The enema bag can be disconnected from his dildo gag for the time being. That will temporarily suspend his forced swallowing, squeezing, and sucking throat muscle action.

Staff, ready to transfer him from the gyno chair, to the bed?"

"Oh, yes!! We can't wait to get him secured to the bed!! This is s-o-o exciting!!! What an awesome training session this is going to be!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Good!! Then lets get started, shall we? Nurse Julie, please install the collar, and the cuffs to his wrists, locking them. Attach the wrist cuffs to each of the collar's side loops. Then attach one of the leashes to the side closest to you. Nurse Cindy, attach the other leash to the loop closest to you."

Nurse Julie and Cindy: "All Set!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, first attach and lock the waist band to our patient, then clamp the enema elixer bag tube to stop the fluid from flowing, and disconnect the tube. Next, disconnect the male catheter fluid drain tube, and clamp the male catheter tube.Then undo the straps on the gynecology chair slowly, one at a time. Finally, pick up the 
ball shocking/vibrating device remote control, and stand by, just in case he becomes unruly. He has heard us discussing the procedure, so we don't know what to expect."

Nurse Monique: "Waist band attached, enema bag tube removed, male catheter tube clamped, and all straps removed. He is now loose."

Dr. Vaughn: "Good so far. Nurse Julie and Nurse Cindy, help him out of the chair, using the leashes, and guide him to the bed. Get him positioned for the bed chains, and connect them to the collar. Then remove the leashes from the collar. Next attach the waist band to the short bed chains."

Nurses Cindy and Julie: "All secure!"

"UMMPH!, Groan! Grunt"

Dr Vaughn: "Nurses Cindy and Julie, attach the bed chain cuffs to his ankles, and lock them."

Nurses Cindy and Julie: "Snugly attached!"

Dr Vaughn: "Nurses Cindy and Julie, attach his wrist cuffs to the to the bed chains above his head."

Nurse Cindy: "Hold still, while I attach the wrist cuff to the chain!!"

Nurse Julie: "Dr. Vaughn, He is fighting us to try to get loose!!"

Dr Vaughn: "Nurse Monique! Quickly, 
press the maximum shock button, on the ball shocker/vibrator remote control!!"

Nurse Monique: "Got it!! That should do it!!"

"UMPHH! ARRGGH!!! Huummph!!"

Dr. Vaughn, very sternly: "Did your balls enjoy the shock they received??!! You WILL learn to accept what is required of you!! Your wife would not be happy with what you just did! Now, behave yourself, and let the nurses attach the wrist cuffs to the bed chains!!"

"Whimper, Grunt!"

Nurse Julie: "OK Dr. Vaughn, we have his arms secured. 
He is now completely helpless, and totally restrained to the bed! In fact, he is looking at himself in the mirror above him. He's squirming, but I think he realizes he cannot get loose!! He must be really excited! I know I would be in his place!! What a pre- dick- a - ment he has put himself in!!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "What were you thinking?! How did you expect to get free? Your neck, waist, and legs were already secured. How were your arms going to help you get loose quick enough? A little late to attempt an escape!! 
Just for that outburst, we are going to strengthen the potion mixture!! Only this time, the potion will target your genital area, causing maximum cum loads to always build up in your balls, and making you extremely sensitive to the tease and denial sexercise training!!! And, you will be punished later! A good long tease and denial session, consisting of at least six cycles, with a rock hard cock and cum loaded swollen blue balls each cycle, ending with an orgasm on the sixth cycle! Immediately followed by a long post orgasm tease/torture, will cure you of any escape ideas in the future. Believe me, you won't enjoy the punishment!! Post orgasm tease/torture is conducted by one or more female staffers, WHO LOVE performing it, to persuade unruly males like you, to be cooperative in their training. Most males are unable to cope with the procedure! Some males even faint from the over sensitivity of their cock head and balls when manipulated, after an orgasm!! And because your rock hard cock, and engorged blue balls will be already super sensitive from the new potion, you are really going to struggle with your punishment
!! And we will all be there witnessing your struggle!!! So think about what you have just brought upon yourself!! We have tried being gentle with you, but if you insist on acting like this, we will be forced to take stronger measures!! Your wife gave us total control, to train you! And, we WILL use any method necessary, to make you cooperate!!"

Dr Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, First, we need to reconnect the enema bag containing the  new super sensitive cock and balls elixer, to his dildo gag, to get him back under control. The enema bag tube and flow meter need to be temporarily clamped while connecting the tube to the input to the computer control valve. A hose needs to be connected from the dildo gag port to the output of the computer control valve. The valve is normally open when the computer is not in operation. Once both hoses are connected, remove the clamp from the enema bag hose. This will start the fluid flowing into the dildo gag. You will soon hear our male patient swallowing, squeezing and sucking away on the dildo cock head!!  When the computer is activated, it will control the enema bag flow whenever it decides it wants to!! Thus the computer will take over total control of the dildo gag operation!!!"

Nurse Monique: "Everything is connected as you requested, Dr. Vaughn!!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, here's the key to remove his chastity cage for the AI computer training session. The cock ring must remain, to help keep the blood trapped in his cock, for a full erection! To prevent injury to his cock head, the retainer ring inside his chastity cage must be held perpendicular for cage removal. To accurately measure his tease and denial critical edging reference point for orgasm prevention, the computer requires him to have a stiff erection with fully cum loaded blue balls, ready to ejaculate. I love your teasing techniques! They are awesome! You have a natural talent for it! You must love your work! So, you may use your expertise, to tease his cock and balls once they are free, making his cock rock hard, and his balls fully cum loaded, preparing them for the computer's vital measurement!"

Nurse Monique: 
"Wonderful! I'll love seeing his cock swell when I remove the cage. His having no control, his released cock will definitely "spring to attention." He needs little of my effort, to get his cock hard, his swollen balls filled to the brim with cum!! He will do it "automagically!' What fun!! I'm going to immensely enjoy the total control session with him!!

Peek a boo! TA! DA! Fun time for us! I need you to quickly get a "stiffie,"filling those gorgeous balls with lots of cum fluid!! The computer needs your cock to be hard, with a full cum load aboard, to collect data for your tease and denial "sexercise" training!! This key allows me to remove your cock prison cage, so your shaft WILL swell and become hard for me!! Your balls are going to build up a huge cum load in them, as they turn blue!! Wouldn't you like that?!! I thought so! There!! Let's see you quickly grow hard, filling those waiting balls, as I tease them! 

Total control of your cock and balls is now mine!! They are at my mercy. I can tease them anyway I choose!! And, you can't stop me from having fun with them!!! How do you like that?! Hmmm?!! I love to play with helpless bois like you! I'm going to tease your cock head with my fingernails, fondle your balls, cupping and gently squeeze as I stroke them, in my other hand!! Be a good boi now! Hold still for me, while I play with you!! As if you had any way of escaping from my teasing! Smile! Tickle, tickle, tickle, Kitchey, kitchey coo-o-o !! OH! To have a feather, or a battery operated spinning tooth brush, to tease your cock head's frenum with!! OOOO, look at you!! What a fantastic size cock on display FOR ME already!! And your balls, rapidly swelling with a hefty cum load!! They must LOVE my fondling them!! Yes!! Oh, my! Such a quick response!! I bet the new cock and ball super sensitivity elixer you're now forced to swallow, squeeze and suck, is helping them react so rapidly! Awesome!!! You're being such a GOOD boi for me!!! I love it!! I wish I were doing the sexercise training!! The computer will tease you, but having no feelings, gets no enjoyment! If I were conducting the training, I would have an awesome time teasing and playing with you!!! I would personally feel, and love every moment of it!! The excitement of it all, I'm sure, would force me to have an orgasm!! Grin!!"

"UNNGH!! MIFFF!! GLUG!! URP!! GULP!! Grunt!!"


Dr Vaughn:
 "Fantastic priming job," Nurse Monique! He's fully erect! His balls are nicely swollen again!! Time to connect the various devices to his essential body parts, for the computer. The control panel is marked so that we can make the proper wire connections. First, Nurse Cindy, attach an e-stim pad to each of his balls. Then plug the wires into the proper jacks."

Nurse Cindy: 
"Don't you dare move, while I adhere these e-stim pads to each of your balls! You will be experiencing sensations you never thought possible! Snicker! Dr. Vaughn, I'm done!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Julie, 
Use a hypo, to inject conductive fluid into his urethra opening. Be careful of the male internal urethra catheter tube! Install an e-stim conductively coated contact probe into his urethra, secure it with the cock crown cinch. This will hold the probe in his cock head securely, when his cock swells and shrinks while "sexercising!" Plug the probe connector into the proper jack."

Nurse Julie:
"You'll wish you had ejaculated the cum load that Monique primed within you, and emptied those gorgeous swollen blue balls, before all this is over!! Poor baby!! There! Conductive coating injected into your urethra. The probe is securely fitted into your cock head, and cinched behind your cock crown! Your cum load contained in those awesome blue balls, must now remain for the entire tease and denial sexercise!! Giggle! Check, Dr, Vaughn!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, connect an e-stim wire to his cock & ball ring, then plug it into the proper jack."

Nurse Monique: 
"Are you excited, thinking about what is going to happen to you?? You can bet I am, after our "little play session," I can't wait to see you forced to react to the AI computer's tease and denial "sexercise" programs. What a spectacular show you're going to give us!! Smile! I'm finished, Dr. Vaughn!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Cindy, put some lube on his anal opening, and reinsert the thrusting, rotating, vibrating prostate vibrator into his rectum. Secure the leather harness that keeps the prostate vibrator in place, and lock it!! We will be using the wire cable attached, not the wireless link. Then plug the cable connector into the panel"

Nurse Cindy: 
"Poor boi!! You're already familiar with what this little device is capable of. It will now keep you on the edge of cumming, as you will soon find out!!! The computer will make good use of it teasing you, I'm sure!!! You'll find yourself at the brink of an orgasm many times, but never quite able to cross over!! Smile!! Dr. Vaughn, Complete!"

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Julie, attach a flex cable to his collar "pulse sensor" contact, and plug it into the outlet near his head. This gives the computer his pulse rate, to help determine his edging peak."

Nurse Julie: 
"You poor baby! You're going to be in for a rough time!! The AI computer system will put you through your/its paces! Giggle!
 Flex cable attached, Dr. Vaughn."

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, please attach a special type of vibrator to the bottom of both of our patient's feet with a strap on each, to hold them in place. Connect the vibrator wires to the control panel at the proper places. These vibrators will tickle the bottoms of his feet so he will have to squirm at key programmed places in his tease and denial sessions!! This will insure to keep him active!!"

Nurse Monique: "That's considered "good training!!" All set, Dr. Vaughn."

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Cindy, we need a wire sensor pad at the front of his ball sac, to determine when his balls pulse, preparing for an orgasm. Plug into the correct receptacle."

Nurse Cindy: "Detection device in place, Dr. Vaughn."

Dr. Vaughn: "Nurse Monique, we need a tube connected from our patient's internal male catheter, to a valve input on the computer panel. Remove the clamp from the male catheter tube end.  The computer will control when our patient will be allowed to relieve some of the fluid build up he has, from swallowing, squeezing and sucking the elixer fluid from the dildo gag!! His fluid will be channeled through the computer valve to a disposal drain."

Nurse Monique: "Tube connected from internal male catheter to computer valve input as requested, Dr. Vaughn!" His preparation is complete. He now has a huge erection, with bulging cum loaded blue balls!! I wish I could be here this evening, to watch his responses to the "sexercise program!!"  

Dr. Vaughn: "Awesome!! His 
huge erection and bulging blue balls are, "Just what the doctor ordered!" All circuits have green lights. The ceiling mirror is ready to display data. The data bank will be recording all of his vital statistics, i.e., cock stiffness, cock length, ball sac size, approximate cum load in his balls at rest and full swelling, cum load pressure at start up, and just prior to orgasm abort, approximate amount of precum leaked during each tease cycle, tease intensity at start and end of each cycle, percentage of patient's cooperation to commands, to name a few! His disposition should satisfy the AI computer nicely!! I will start the AI system, and we can leave. He will be "training" all night long. I hope he is able to find a little sleep time, after the tease and denial process has fatigued him!! He's going to need it tomorrow! Nurse Moniqueplease remain for a moment.

Nurse Monique, are you serious about staying with him tonight, to watch over him? You could sleep on the bed next to him, as his teasing coach, or training partner, if you like. If he runs into any serious problems you could put a hold on the training. But, you are not allowed to do anything personally that will disrupt the program."

Nurse Monique: "Oh, Dr. Vaughn, may I please stay with him? I promise not to interfere with his sexercise training!! His gag will not let him communicate with me verbally, anyway. 
I would love the erotic experience!! Just to be with him, knowing he is totally helpless, and can't resist the AI computer's control of him, would be thrilling!! After the "teasing session" I performed with him , I feel a special bond to him. It will be awesome to watch his absolute helplessness to the teasing and denial sexercising! My very presence, might even accelerate his training responses a little."

Dr Vaughn: "Very good, Nurse Monique! You are very clever in "dreaming up" unique ideas for the male training program!! I'm sure his wife would approve of your eagerness to try to advance the effect of his training, to make him a model husband. 
Maybe wear something erotic, or just be naked, to sleep next to him. The choice is yours!! It could possibly increase the intensity of his training experience! The presence of a beautiful woman near him, and forced to breathe in her female scent, should definitely enhance his training! The "personal effect" folded into the program. I like that. I like that a lot ! This will test the AI computer, too, since this idea has never been tried before! We have him totally secured. He will know you are there with him, but there is no way he can interact with you. And besides, his gag isn't going to let him beg you to release him! The poor boi will be busy enough just swallowing, the cock and ball super sensitivity elixer he is forced to "cumsume, squeezing, sucking on the dildo cock head, along with the fluid trickling down his throat from the the side of the dildo gag, that causes him to squeeze and suck!! SMILE!!"

I will be recommending to the AI system board of directors, about your suggestion of the 
personal effect be used with the AI computer's tease and denial program. The use of female witnesses of the male's training ordeal, should definitely increase the intensity results of the program. The male patient, knowing a live female is with him, observing his every struggle, but not wanting to interfere with any of the procedure, should heighten his experience, and increase his sense of helplessness. 
If you are successful this evening, I'm sure they will want to use it in the future training. Do as you see best. You have my permission, acting for his wife!!.

Nurse Monique, what have you gotten yourself into? She was so excited! She could hardly contain her feelings! Her heart was beating rapidly. Can I really do this? I will be all alone with him the whole evening, observing every detail of his tease and denial training program. Tease and denial training molds the male's mind to depend on the wife's orgasms as his own, since his orgasms are denied. What an awesome opportunity! I will learn for myself, what a male in tease and denial training has to endure. How, his being entirely helpless, must both physically and mentally respond, to obey the computer's commands! Her emotions finally under control, she went to prepare for the evening event.

As Monique entered the "bedroom," the lighting shone softly upon him. She could see him lying on the heart bed, totally naked. He could be heard swallowing, squeezing and sucking on the dildo gag at times!! "Beautiful!" was her thought. "What an indescribably delicious, awesome view!!! Poor boi! So vulnerable and helpless!! Smile!! And I will be spending the entire night with him!" The thought sent goose bumps up and down her spine. Her good fortune was unbelievable! She had a feeling that tonight was to be something very, very, special!!

Various restraining straps and chains held him securely in place. These, and the wires and tubes that fed information to the AI computer from his exposed body parts, gave him the only cover. Data was continually changing on the ceiling mirror, as she stood there observing. His mirrored body reflection, showed him struggling and squirming, trying to refuse to yield to the demands put upon him, as the computer went through its teasing process! He was slowly realizing he had no choice, but to submit to the computer's commands, as it took absolute control of his body!

He must have been near a peak of an edging cycle. His cock was rigid, standing straight up, and swollen like Monique had never seen it before!! Precum was oozing profusely out of his cock head, past the e-stim probe injected into his urethra opening, and his male internal catheter tube, trickling down the side of his mammoth swollen cockand gradually creeping over his engorged cum loaded blue balls! The precum was the only relief his poor sore ball sac was receiving, lubricating his taut, stretched skin! Monique almost felt sorry for what he was being forced to endure. Almost...

Monique shook her head. After all, this is the future for all males, is it not? They are to be trained to please their wives! Especially their wives' sexual needs, neglected so soon after marriage. This male was no different. His wife sent him here to be "trained" to 
service her, at her beckon call.

his chastity harness's "magic," will be in place, and he MUST OBEY his wife's sexual desires. His training will teach him, the "art of cunnilingus," to use his tongue, and also his fingers, on her pussy, and other erotic places, for her orgasmic pleasure, while his cock and balls must remain locked away, drooling and dripping out of his custom made, surgical steel chastity harnessHe will learn his only pleasure "cums" through HER orgasms. When his training is complete, he will be unable to refuse her sexual requestsThe "magic" will have taken over his mind,"mentally forcing" him to obey her every sexual whim!"

Monique secretly hoped soon, she'd meet a male she could help train to fulfill 
her sexual desires. Many unmarried males are now forced to submit to the tease and denial programs. She should be able to find one to her liking!! She hoped so!! She envisioned his training, what he would have to endure, to learn to please her. The teasing and denial program, with his precum leaking down his swollen cock, that cums with it, the "milking sessions," the use of his tongue and fingers, on her pussy, and teasing all erotic parts of her body." Personally involved in every phase of his training, she would make certain he learned, only what would sexually excite her!! Monique hungered for the day these things would cum to pass! But, until then, her pleasure, must cum from helping to train other wives' husbands. She was going to make sure she received the maximum erotic "turn on" possible, from each male's teasing and denial session!! And, why shouldn't she?!!

Monique approached the bed. When she neared him, she let her robe slowly slide down her body to the floor, and stepped even closer to the bed. 
Her nude body was stunning, a thing of beauty! Feeling no embarrassment or shame for her nakedness, she stood there quietly for a moment. She loved the feeling of "freedom" it gave her to be totally exposed! As a resulther pussy was beginning to glisten, as moisture was appearing on her outer "lips." "Dr. Vaughn suggested this as a method to increase his "teasing," hadn't she?" Monique thought. "Well, I will do my best to fulfill the doctor's wish, while enjoying the exhilarating feelings thrust upon me as well, for my efforts!"

His eyes opened wide, when he realized she was standing there next to him. He tried to move, but was snugly strapped to the bed! Besides,
 he was entirely hypnotized by Monique's "awesome naked" presence! He squirmed vigorously, using what little freedom his bonds offered. He tried to speak, but was only able to "gurgle." He carefully swallowed fluid, trickling into his throat from the holes in his dildo mouth gag, and what he was forced to squeeze and suck from the dildo cock head urethra opening. The potion filled enema bag, hanging over his head, kept feeding the gag fluid, through the connecting tube through the computer valve!

Monique leaned over him. 
Her soft, gorgeously shaped breasts, swung rhythmically, as they hung down. Her pert, enlarged nipples, standing at attention, were nearly touching his face. He could feel the warmth radiating from them. He gazed up at her, at her natural female beauty, with a look of awe. He couldn't take his eyes off of her! He was securely restrained to the bed, with no way to cover up or hide his rock hard cock, and his engorged, cum loaded blue balls, left openly exposed, for HER viewing enjoyment!!

She smiled, sensing his embarrassment, speaking softly to him. 
"Peek-a-boo!! Aww-w, Poor Baby! All tied up, with no place to go!! Grin!! Hi! Remember me? My name is Monique. You are so-o cute, with your enormous stiff cock and engorged, cum loaded blue balls, displayed for my viewing pleasure!! Such an awesome yummy sight, you lying there, totally helpless for me! Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. I love your physical responses to my presence!! To be wanted and desired is a woman's greatest feeling!!

You're hoping for release from your ordeal. I've not 
cum for that. I'm here, to enhance the AI computer tease and denial sexercise training, to insure that the program inflicts its maximum effectiveness on you, as I watch!

You're lucky though. I can't interfere with your computer training, or change the program.
 "OOOO," to touch the tip of your cock, and fondle those awesome cum loaded blue balls again!! UMM, UMPH! What a delight that'd be for me! I'd tease you to no end!! You'd be in for a long night! Your cock would be played with, stroked, and tickled. Your balls would get a good work out, being nail scratched, fondled, and rigorously massaged. Both would be feather tickled, and/or gently teased with a battery powered spinning tooth brush!! I also love to use vibrators and e - stim equipment, to tease helpless bois like you! Giggle! But, they won't let me!

My wish, 
as I enjoy your responses to the tease and denial sexercise program, will be to add some "personal" feelings to your "struggle." You won't be alone. The ceiling mirror will show me lying next to you! Here as a partner, to comfort you in your ordeal. You'll have my sympathy for your dilemma! We'll go through this together, tonight. You WILL perform for me! The computer will force you to to display a raging rock hard bulging cock, drooling precum out of your cock head's urethra, running down the side of your aching cock, countless times! The precum will flow over your plump, juicy, blue balls, aching to eject their full cum load, for my viewing enjoyment!! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! And what a thrill for me, to see you struggle to the orgasm edge! ALMOST THERE, but then denied the release of your cum load, watching the whole time, how well you are responding to your training! Is that OK with you?! Oh, I forgot! You have no choice!! It's mandatory! So, please, be a good boi. Make the showing very special for me, won't you? Smile!!

Her words made him squirm all the more vigorously. Precum oozed from his cock head's urethra at a feverish pace!! His precum gland was working overtime!! His pulsating blue balls strained to release his cum load!

OH, WOW!!! "Good boi!! Awesome!! I love seeing your cock drool so effortlessly!! How thrilling for you to perform this way for ME!! I love watching your squirming, writhing, and yanking at your restraints, providing you with healthy exercise!! But, why not relax? Don't be so tense, fighting the commands given to you. Try to enjoy when your chastity harness cage is removed. Tease and denial training sessions are the only times you'll be harness cage free, during your stay. What an opportunity to have a full, stiff erection, and swollen, cum loaded, blue balls, whenever the computer's program demands you to do so!! I urge you to take full advantage of these times, and enjoy them to the fullest!! I'm sure you have already found out that you can't resist the computer's control of you! ( SMILE! )Savor the free time, when your chastity harness cage is off! The cock ring must remain in place though, to help keep your cock hard, and your balls fully cum loaded, when required! Someday soon, when your training is done, you will live "happily ever after" with your wife, providing without hesitation, her most intimate needs. Wearing your male chastity harness takes about a week to generate the "magic" to control your thinking. Then the program will change. Your "training here," is to prepare you for that event, and to focus all your thoughts on your lovely wife. Once under the influence, you will never be allowed to return to the "old ways." But, you will "cum" to accept that your new life is happier"

Her words made him moan. The dildo gag, and the enema bag slowly feeding him the "potion," again prevented any vocal expression.

Monique eased her naked body onto the bed, her back to the right side of his forehead. She clasped her hands behind her neck, leaned her head back stretching, her chest projecting forward and upward. The mirror above, displayed a full view of her beautifully shaped breasts. Pausing, she sighed, then slowly laid over on her left side towards his legs. She proceeded to stretch her curvacious body along the length of his. Finally, she rolled over on her back, then halfway on her right side facing him. A seductive smile appeared on her face. The mirror reflected a sharp image of her pussy and breasts. He watched her erotic moves in the mirror. Her images caused him to frantically squirm, straining hard at his bonds in his motion, while she made herself comfortable. "Aww-w!! You poor helpless baby boo!! That's OK," she said, in a sexy, alluring, sympathetic voice. "I know you feel vulnerable and embarrassed about all this. WHY! You can't change it. To be honest, I feel elated!! What a wonderful experience I'm having!! You go right ahead and struggle!! Do what you must!! Please don't let me interfere!! I know the computer completely controls you. You must submit and obey its demands!! So, I'll just lie here next to you, and watch you "sexercise"!! How does that sound??!! HMM??!! Think of it this way. Your exposed cock and balls will be entertaining me with a "personal privates" showing!!! The e-stim urethra probe inserted into your cock head, and the e- stim pads attached to your balls, must keep you very"excited" and "on the edge" all the time, don't they??! Grin!! WOW!!! What a spectacular show!! Giggle!! I love the view!! I'm here to learn all I can, from your sexercise training procedure! Smile!!! YES!!"

Monique was thoroughly enjoying herself! Her pussy, now moist with her female juices,
 was OH-SO close to his face, forcing him to inhale her female aromaHis rigid, swollen cock, was ever SO close to her face, on "private display" for her, aimed at the ceiling mirror. An added attraction, was his aching, swollen, blue balls!! She puckered her lips as though to "kiss" them. "OOOO Yes! If only I were allowed!" She could feel his body heat, radiating from both his cock and balls!! UMMM!! YUMMY!!

Monique watched with interest, his cock continuing to leak precum. 
"All that precum drooling out, being wasted," she thought. We need do something about that! There must be a way to collect it! ( Maybe a small glass funnel with a vacuum hose attached, running to a collection vial. It could be secured to his cock, using the urethra e-stim probe's beads at his cock head opening, as the spacing. It would always be just a fraction from his cock head, so it never touches, but close enough to suck off the drooling precum droplets. ) I've learned that a male's precum is known as "male nectar," and can have a "sweet taste," especially, if the male is on the proper diet. And, very healthy to cumsume. The girls would love it!" Some wives collect it, while their husbands are restrained for male tease and denial "sexercise" play maintenance. They love its unique taste!

Monique wished to savor his precum. If only she were allowed to OH-SO delicately, suck droplets, oozing out of his cock head, but refrained from doing so. She knew if she did, she might upset the AI computer's 
tease and denial balance. She reminded herself, she had promised not to physically interfere with his training, hadn't she? It isn't easy to keep such a promise, though. Especially under these circumstances! Monique noted to herself, that she was certainly going to take full advantage of her future husband's precum leaky cock, when he is in tease and denial training!! The thought of his helplessness, his balls full of semen, aching, swollen to maximum size, his hard, erect cock uncontrollably drooling precum, as she would enjoy sipping the droplets from his cock head, to her heart's content, the vision of which, thrilled her!! His precum would be hers to"cumsume!" He would have no choice in the matter!!! The decision would be hers, and hers alone!!! Yummy!! What a delicious thought!!

The AI program had no mercy on 
his helpless conditionHis balls pulsed, swelling and shrinking, as she lay there observing every movement he made. She noticed his cock suddenly twitched. She was sure it had to do with her closeness, seen in the mirror above, and his unavoidably being "bathed in her warm, moist female aroma."

Awesome! I caught that signal!! Very good!! What a unique response" she exclaimed. "I am so pleased that my offer to spend the evening with you has been rewarded! I see it's working! I AM being effective as an additional stimulus in your ordeal." What a thrill to know that I am directly helping your training to be more "personal!" Someday soon, you will be experiencing this effect a lot, with your wife..."

His cock "twitched" again. Then she realized, "Why, he has clearly devised a way to communicate that he acknowledges her comments. "Aw-w!! What an erotic display to show you understand my thoughts!! Beautiful!! You are so-o cute when your swollen cock twitches like that!! OH, WOW!! I LOVE IT!! It gives me goose bumps!! I can't tell you how much I adore watching the sight of your twitching cock, knowing you are trying to communicate with me!!! I am really pleased with your clever response!! I WISH, I could personally tease your cock, to show you how thrilled I am with your cleverness!! You deserve to be played with for your efforts!! This will be a night to remember!! Now, all we have to do to communicate your feelings to me, is wait until each time the computer has forced you to have a stiff erection, and swollen blue balls!! Oh my, yes!! Yummy!! I bet you can't even control your twitching cock, can you??!! You MUST let it happen as a reflex to what you feel, see, and hear!! Giggle!!" His "drooling, stiff cock twitched" a third time, and his balls swelled as large as his ball sac would let them!! "OH, WOW!! I can't wait until the next time the computer forces you to your peak!!" Once more she was overjoyed with the thought that she was maximizing his tease and denial training!! Monique continued to lay quietly, her face still close to his genitals, so close, in fact, that he could probably feel her excited breathing, on them.

While she was 
studying his cock and balls "sexercising" movements intently, the AI computer continued to learn how to more efficiently tease and deny him. She marveled at how close the AI computer was now able to take him to "the edge," and bring him back. His cock would be huge, his balls engorged, for awhile. Then he would spasm. The computer would trigger the wireless ball shock/vibrator device. that was tucked snugly behind his scrotum, with an electrical contact pressed into each ball. It was securely strapped there, to prevent it from cumming loose. The device was always activated at the precise moment of his peak edging tease, to deny him an orgasm. You could see an indicator red light flash when it was triggered!! "Aww-w-w, poor baby boo!! Did the mean ol' computer just "zap" your yummy, beautiful, bulging, blue balls ??!! Did you see the red flash, when you felt the shock???!! Poor thing!! UH, UH!! Sorry! No "cummies" allowed for you!!" His cock would shrink somewhat, and his balls would shrivel slightly, as the AI computer paused the program long enough, to let him recover from the edge. Then, his "sexercises" would begin all over again, bringing him back up to maximum size. His cock would rise towards the ceiling mirror, stiffening rock hard, veins "popping out" all around his shaft, while his balls filled up with as much fluid as they could hold!! The new potion mixture kept his cock and balls in a state of ultra sensitivity, which forced him to squirm and writhe uncontrollably often. He made unintelligible sounds, as a result of the dildo gag he wore. This forced him to slowly swallow more of the potion, the dildo gag was being fed by the enema bag above him. The more he swallowed, squeezed, and sucked, from the gag, the more was fed to it from the enema bag. And all the while, the computer program continued to run its different "sexercises," totally oblivious of his plight.

Monique watched him "squirm" several times, as 
he tried hopelessly to adjust to the program's changing cycles, and wished she could be an active part of his "training." To influence him, with her "personal touch," and vocal "teasing." "So completely vulnerable and helpless. The sight of him this way, really turns me on!! What an awesome view!! It gives me such powerful sense of control!!! If allowed, I could do anything I wanted to him, with no way for him to stop me!! I'm so-o tempted!!"

But, she must be content with only giving him her "
personal presence," along with some oral coaching, to add to his ordeal. She had promised not to physically interfere with his "sexercising" she was witnessing. His constant squirming and struggling, ultimately became more than she could endure. Her pussy was now swollen, pouting, and weeping fluid. She became aware that she was feeling warm, and aroused. "Oh, no!" She realized. "Watching you "sexercising," is causing me to lose control of my pussy! I'm feeling sexually overwhelmed by your helplessness!! Then suddenly, unable to hold back, cried out : "OH, OH, OH, O-O-O-O, UMMMM!!" She smiled. Her face was glowing with a radiance of pleasure. Her whole beautiful naked body had a post orgasm calm, radiant look about it!! She slowly closed her eyes, peacefully fell asleepnot knowing her "orgasm" left the AI computer to make major adjustments to its "denial program." His reaction to her "vocaerotic sounds," and her sexy orgasmic body movements he saw in the ceiling mirror, had him uncontrollably squirming, writhing, yanking at his restraints, making guttural sounds from the fluid trickling into his throat, and had just sent his "program" into an emergency denial mode!...