Painless PA piercing



Painless PA piercing * a personal experience by Chris
Itīs my personal conviction that male chastity is only useful with a genital piercing. Serious chastity you can get with a piercing. There is no reason not to do it, on the contrary, the sooner someone gets a piercing the better.
Someone has a doubt that the piercing is painful, but the pinching of the needle does not so hurt as much as some may expect. But there is another very simple method well known & largely used in  medical practice.
It is sufficient to use a anesthetic gel which is used when inserting a urethral catheter. These anesthetic gels were especially developed for the penis & are very common in medical practice.  This anesthetic gel was squirted into my urethra with a needleless syringe to anesthetize the glands & shaft. The urethral lubricant for male catheter contains a mild but effective anesthetic substance Lidocaine (like Instill gelŪ or CathejellŪ) that makes the glands insensitive after a short time. As a local anesthetic, its effect occurs few minutes after introduction into the urethra and lasts 20-30 minutes. I have done exactly that & it was perfect. The piercing of my urethra was absolutely painless.
Finally, the only, but bearable pain left was by stretching the initial piercing to reach a larger gauge. This is the precondition for a chastity device.  Besides the usual precautions to take during the healing of a genital piercing is some recommendations.
* be careful but not fearful.
A genital piercing, well done by a professional piercer, is the best. After I have done it, I sorely regret the time lost without it.
* a Prince Albert piercing usually is made in a thickness 10 gauge & that should be done then have the piercer pull a 8 gauge ring through the 10 gauge hole. When itīs fully healed it will be gradually stretched to make it more secure & comfortable to wear. 6 gauge upwards is regarded as pleasant for a PA & for me the minimum for a chastity device. Someone remains by 8 gauge, but I think a thicker piercing pin is preferred & more secure.

* naturally, I waited until the piercing was completely healed before I used any device

I am happy with my PA piercing and I enjoy the true benefits of serious chastity with a fantastic jewel of Ms. Lori.
A fascinating design, a perfect fit & absolutely secure.